As part of Family Rights Group’s Young Parents Project, we are able to provide free, indirect advocacy support to 180 young parents (up to the age of 30) who have a child who is, or has been, involved with children’s services. Indirect advocacy support will be limited to a short term piece of work lasting up to 5 hours and can include:

  • Offering you detailed advice in an email
  • Providing a template letter for you to amend and send to children’s services
  • Negotiating with children’s services by letter, email or telephone on your behalf.

You may find this service helpful if you are a young parent who:

  • Has been in the care system
  • Has had a child removed before
  • At times, finds it difficult to work with services and professionals, and/or
  • Feels that your age is viewed as a risk factor by children’s services.

To access free, indirect advocacy support as part of the Young Parents’ Project you can:

  • Fill in the referral form below
  • Ask a trusted friend to help you complete the referral form
  • Ask someone who is working with you or your child to make the referral on your behalf
  • Call the Family Rights Group free advice line on 0808 801 0366 which is open between 9.30am and 3.00pm Mondays to Fridays (excluding bank holidays).

For more information about advocacy, take a look at the information on the Working with an advocate page.

If you are a social worker (or other practitioner) looking to arrange and fund direct advocacy support for a young parent, you will find information about Family Rights Group’s advocacy service here.

Referral form for young parent indirect advocacy

Name of young parent requiring advocacy

Please type your full name.

Age of young parent

Please enter your age.
Please Note: If you are older than 30 years of age, you will not be eligible for this service.
Please phone our Advice Service 0808 801 0366 (Mon - Fri 9:30 am to 3:00 pm).

Telephone number for young parent

Please tell us when it is best for us to call (dates/times)

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Email for young parent

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Is this referral being made by a practitioner working with a young parent?

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If yes, please specify your name, job title and the service that you work for and your contact details. Please confirm whether the young parent has agreed to you making this referral and to their contact details being shared with FRG

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Please specify age of child/ren involved with Children's Services. If the child is not yet born state the due date if known

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Please summarise your situation and tell us what help you need

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Information that you want to include here might include:
Whether there is a child in need plan in place or child protection plan in place;
Whether there has been a case before a court;
What Children’s Services main concerns are;
Whether the child/ren lives with the young parent, with someone else or is in foster care;
What you want advice about?
Whether you need help with writing a letter?

If there are any child protection conference meetings, looked after reviews or court hearing date coming up please include the date/s here

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Confirmation of registration

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