Young Parents Project - Referral Form

As part of our project for young parents, we are able to provide a small amount of indirect advocacy to 180 young parents (up to the age of 30) who have a child who is involved with Children’s Services whether as child in need, deemed at risk, in care or adopted.

This might include:

  • Offering detailed advice via email
  • Providing a template letter for a young parent to amend and send to children’s services themselves
  • Negotiating by letter/email/telephone with Children’s Services on behalf of a young parent where necessary.

Young parents eligible for this service include those with complex needs who are in contact with children’s services because:

  • The young parent is a care leaver
  • The young parent has had a child/children removed before
  • The young parent has difficulties in working with statutory services/professionals
  • The young person’s age is viewed as a risk factor
  • The young person is particularly at risk of their child being permanently removed for example via foster for adoption (this could include young pregnant women and young vulnerable dads to be.

Young Parent Advocacy referral:

If you are a young parent (up to the age of 30) you can contact us for advice and some advocacy support via our online referral form on our young parents’ advice website.

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