Will my child's father be at the child protection conference? What can I do to make sure I am safe?

Usually, you and your child's father will be invited to the conference unless there is a good reason why one of you shouldn't attend. However, your child's father could be excluded from the conference if he poses a risk to you or your child or anyone else at the conference. If you have a court injunction relating to your child's father which means he should not be near you, do tell your child's social worker and the Chair of the conference.

Whether or not you have an injunction, it is very important that you feel safe at the conference. If you do not want to be at the same conference as your child's father, discuss this with your child's social worker beforehand and ask that safe arrangements can be made for the day. You can ask the Chair of the conference for a "split conference" where the two of you are each invited to attend separately.