What is a child protection plan?

If the conference decides that your child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm an outline child protection plan will be drawn up. The aim of the plan is to try and stop any harm happening to your child in future and to make things better for him/her, and to support you and your family to help and protect your child if that is in your child's best interests. Everyone at the conference will make recommendations about what is needed for your child to be kept safe in future. This might include, for example, that s/he must not come into contact with someone who is thought to have harmed your child. The recommendations of the conference will be set out in as much detail as possible in an outline child protection plan.

You will be expected to help make sure that any parts of the plan relating to you are carried out. It is important you understand what is being asked of you, and that you ask for any help to be included in the plan that you think you and your family need .

The outline plan will then be developed into a more detailed child protection plan setting out further help you will be offered in later meetings called core group meetings.