Families' Voices

​Have you ever read an article by a parent accusing social workers of removing their children for no good reason? This is not one of them. Cynthia describes how the drinking took over…and what she did next.
The festive season is often one of celebration and time with friends and family. But, it can also remind us of who is missing. Angela is a trustee of Family Rights Group and a member of our parents' panel. Her two eldest children were adopted 15 years ago. Angela shares her story of that Christmas 15 years ago, which she knew would be their last together.
Spending your first Christmas in your first flat should be special. For Lisa-Marie, it was different. She was 17, had left care and was completely on her own, to paraphrase the poet Lemn Sissay 'Lisa Marie didn't leave care, care had left her'…
Two Christmases, just one year apart, but very different experiences. Marilyn is a kinship carer – raising her granddaughter, and is a member of our kinship care panel. Marilyn writes here, about the pain when her granddaughter spent her first Christmas in foster care, leaving Marilyn on the outside looking in…
Our new podcast series is returns and in this second episode we're going to be hearing from kinship carer Elaine. Elaine first contacted the Family Rights Group on our freephone advice line, because she had recently started caring for her grandson. She is in conversation with Beverley – a qualified solicitor and experienced Family Rights Group advocate and adviser - who advised Elaine when she rang the advice line.
Julie is a grandmother who originally found FRG when her son needed advice and support when children's services became involved with his child. Although she found the advice line helpful it was the contents of FRG's website that were invaluable to her as she could access it night or day and find advice about her rights.
The care system too often breaks rather than builds relationships. Family Rights Group are trying to change that with our new service called Lifelong Links. Lifelong Links aims to build positive, life long, support networks for children and young people in the care system.
During National Adoption Week the focus is often on celebrating adoption. Rarely do we hear the stories of the children's birth family. Here Angela, whose two eldest sons were adopted, asks that we acknowledge the pain and grief experienced by these families.
Shining a light on the challenges kinship carers face is an important part of Kinship Care Week. Marilyn is one of our kinship carers' panel members and she's written a blog about raising her granddaughter under a Special Guardianship Order.