Sue White

Sue White is Professor of Social Work at the University of Sheffield. Before becoming an academic, Sue worked as a practitioner and manager in Children’s services for over a decade. Since becoming a full time academic in 1995, her research has focused on analysing professional practice and decision-making in child health and welfare. She is currently conducting research on how simplified readings of science have tended to lead services to screen families for future risk of harm and intervene quickly to change parenting behaviours, often at the expense of sustained help. Alternative ways of providing help would attend to building community resilience and strengthening families.

Her most recent books are:

White, S.; Gibson, M. Wastell, D and Walsh, P (2019) Reassessing Attachment Theory in Child Welfare. Bristol: Policy Press

Wastell, D and White S (2017) Blinded by Science: Social Implications of Epigenetics and Neuroscience. Bristol: Policy Press

Featherstone, B.; Gupta, A.; Morris K. and White, S. (2018) Protecting Children a Social Model. Bristol: Policy Press