Commission our advocacy service

Spot Purchasing

We are now offering the opportunity for Children’s Services Departments in London to spot purchase (buy in) our advocacy services.

London Boroughs can buy in our services, so that we can provide an advocate for:

  • Parents/family members involved with child protection
  • Family support services
  • Looked after children services
  • Parents/family members going through the complaints process.

Before making a referral, please review our guide for Children Services Departments in London which explains in more detail about commissioning our advocacy service including:

  • Details of the hourly rate for the service
  • The minimum number of hours that must be purchased. 

To refer a family for advocacy support please complete the referral form. Please note that we require a minimum of two weeks’ notice to provide an advocate.

We have also created a Spot Purchasing Guide for Parents.

Contact us: For further details of the spot purchasing arrangements please contact Louise Craggs-Tripp, Operational Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..