Our impact

Our advice and advocacy service is proven to assist:

  • Parents to get the help they need to prevent problems escalating into the child protection arena
  • Parents to face up to child protection concerns, to understand their options and to work in partnership with the local authority. This is key to keeping their child safe and to avoiding unnecessary care proceedings
  • Parents whose children are in the care system, who have questions about contact and are unsure about what they need to do in order for their children to permanently come home
  • Grandparents and wider family members to come forward to care for children who cannot live with their parents, due to tragedy or trauma.

It is important to us that:

  • Our advice and advocacy makes a difference to the families who contact us,
  • we are delivering advocacy, advice and information to the highest possible standard and
  • We are cost effective

How we make a difference:

Family Rights Group worked with New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) in 2015 to establish a framework that would enable us to conduct impact evaluations, including measuring economic outcomes. Since 2016 we have used this to conduct annual evaluations of a sample of advice line callers. The 2017 evaluation found that:

Immediately after the call to FRG:

  • 83% of respondents felt that they understood the law better as a result of the call with FRG;
  • 82% felt that they understood their rights and responsibilities better as a result of the call with FRG;
  • 64% felt that the call with FRG helped them to understand the concerns of the social worker;
  • 75% felt that the call with FRG improved their understanding of children’s services procedures.

Four to six months following the call to the advice line:

  • 52% felt better able to work with the social worker/children’s services since the call with FRG
  • 47% agreed that the support they received from FRG made a positive difference to the local authority plan and/or services for their child/children.

Our cost effectiveness:

NPC constructed an economic model to estimate the savings for care costs avoided and local authority costs saved by averting the need for long term or more intensive statutory involvement. The findings suggest that the service saves an average of over £23 for every £1 invested (note: that it saves at least £7.82 and could save as much as £39.36 per £1 invested).

You will find links to our other evaluations below:

Advice Service:

Family Rights Group Advice Service Evaluation and Impact Report, 2016. Full report.

Evaluation of Family Rights Group Advice and Advocacy Service, 2012. Featherstone B et al, 2012. Full report.

Evaluation of Family Rights Group’s Advice Service 2010. Dr Charlotte Ritchie, Director Oxford Social Research Group. Executive summary and full report.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of telephone advice services provided by the Family Rights Group, 2011. A report by FTI consulting for Family Rights Group. Dan Corry and Shayon Maitra. Full report.

Advocacy Service:

Evaluation of Family Rights Group’s advocacy service, 2011. Professor Brid Featherstone NUI, Galway. Claire Fraser, Consult Research Executive summary and full report.

Evaluation of Family Rights Group’s advocacy service 2009. Professor Brid Featherstone, University of Bradford. Claire Fraser, Consult Research Executive summary and full report.
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