Domestic abuse: Families’ voices

“My bruise was noticed at school. My children weren’t known to children’s services yet I was more terrified of children’s services than him so I said I’d walked into a cupboard door. The social worker believed me and closed the case. It got so much worse. I wish I’d sought help.”

In this section, we hear from those who have been affected by domestic abuse. Parents and wider family members describe their experiences in their own words.

Letter to my daughter

“I’m so proud of you… You worried no one would believe you, but I promised I was with you every step of the way”. Written by a member of FRG’s kinship carers’ panel, this gives an account of how a mother saw her daughter change and withdraw as a result of an abusive relationship. *The voice used is not that of the author.

Domestic abuse: Angela’s story

Angela is a member of FRG’s parents' panel, one of our expert panels made up of family members with lived experience of the child welfare and family justice system. Her two eldest children were adopted 15 years ago as a result of domestic abuse in the home. She is now married with an 8 year old daughter who has had no local authority involvement.

This is me

This poem was written by Angela to reflect her experiences of being in an abusive relationship and moving on from it.

Domestic abuse: A mother’s perspective

Lorna speaks about the challenge of a daughter in an abusive relationship and becoming the primary carer to her grandchildren as a result.

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