Education advice for family and friends carers

This section of the website provides advice to relatives and friends living in England who are raising a child who cannot remain living with their parents. It provides basic information about all aspects of supporting the child's education whilst they are living with you.

For example, it helps you to:

  • find out what schools are available in your area (if the child is starting or has to move school) and how to apply for a place;
  • get an assessment for extra support if the child is struggling at school;
  • ensure the school deals sensitively with the child's background story of separation from his or her parents, and possibly of being neglected or abused.

In this section of the website, you will find information about the following topics:

If you require specific advice about your situation you may wish to post an education query on the family and friends discussion board, or call Family Rights Group's advice line.

Family Rights Group also has a range of advice sheets (which can be downloaded for free) which provide advice and information about other aspects of raising someone else's child (whether or not there is a social worker involved).