Our advocacy service

As of November 2017, we are no longer able to provide a direct advocacy service.

Advocacy is about helping people to make informed choices and get the services they are entitled to. Our Advocacy Service is available in London, and can support you if you are attending:

  • child protection conferences,
  • family support planning meetings,
  • looked after child reviews or
  • meetings about a complaint you may have about a service you have received.

Our advocacy service is totally independent of Children’s Services. Our advocates are experienced, highly qualified professionals most of whom have a background in child care social work or law.

Children’s Services departments in London can ‘buy us in’ or ‘spot purchase’ us to advocate for you at meetings, such as at a child protection conference, family support planning meeting, looked after child review, or we can provide advocacy support for you through a complaints process. Your child’s social worker would need to agree with a manager exactly how much advocacy time they are willing to buy in.

If you would like the support of an advocate please ask your child’s social worker to visit our website where they can read about what we offer. You can also call our confidential advice line to speak to an adviser about your situation.

Protection of Children Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Complaints Policy

Advocacy Standards

Advocacy Codes

Spot Purchasing Booklet for Parents