Lifelong Links

‘The single factor most closely associated with positive outcomes for children is meaningful, lifelong connections to family.’

Family Rights Group developed Lifelong Links in collaboration with key stakeholders including local authorities, young people in care and care leavers, parents and foster carers. Lifelong Links aims to ensure that a child in care has a positive support network around them to help them during their time in care and into adulthood.

In January 2021 the report of the independent evaluation into Lifelong Links was published. The evaluation covered the three years of the trial, 2017-20, which involved 12 local authorities in England. The evaluation was carried out by the Rees Centre, University of Oxford. To read the full report click here.

From April 2020 Lifelong Links has been funded in England by the Department for Education’s Innovation Programme; The KPMG Foundation; The Dulverton Trust and The Rayne Foundation.

The funding from the Department for Education Innovation Programme has helped Family Rights Group build on the significant interest from local authorities interested in implementing Lifelong Links. For local authorities who are willing to invest in Lifelong Links then, thanks to the funding from Department for Education Innovation Programme, the training and consulting support from Family Rights Group can be provide free of charge up to April 2021.

If you are interested in benefiting from this funding and exploring how Lifelong Links could be introduced to your local authority then please get in touch. Alternatively, if you are interested in implementing Lifelong Links post April 2021, please contact us for details of our training and consultancy package.

For all enquiries please contact: Lucy Hutchinson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

In Scotland a five year trial of Lifelong Links is ongoing involving five local authorities. The trial in Scotland has been funded by The KPMG Foundation, The Robertson Trust, The Esmee Fairburn Foundation and RS Macdonald Charitable Trust.

Lifelong Links meant to me: an introduction

What Lifelong Links meant to me:
Sandy’s story

What Lifelong Links meant to me:
Sammie’s story

A big thank you to:

  • Hertfordshire County Council who produced the “Introducing Lifelong Links” film in collaboration with young people.
  • Sammie and Sandy who were willing to share their own personal story and the impact Lifelong Links has had on them.

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