What is a family group conference? A guide for families

These films will help you to think about whether a family group conference is right for a child in your family and to prepare you for participating in a family group conference.

Showing a fictionalised family scenario, Carl and Susan’s story brings the family group conference process to life. It shows how the family work together to try to agree the best plan for their baby Katie. The film is in three parts and also includes clips of interviews with family group conference co-ordinators and family members about their experiences.

What is a family group conference?

Part 1 explains the purpose of a family group conference and shows the lead up to a family group conference taking place.

What is involved in a family group conference?

Part 2 shows what happens at baby Katie’s family group conference, including the information stage and the family’s ‘private time’.

Following the family group conference:

Part 3 shows what happens when Katie’s family have made their plan. It suggests how to find out more about family group conferencing in your area.

For detailed information about the family group conference process see: family group conference advice sheet.

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