FAQs on getting advice and support early

Is there any help that can be provided to a mother affected by domestic violence before Children’s Services get involved?

Yes, there can be depending on the child’s needs and the situation. It is a good idea for the mother to seek help (or be supported to do so) as soon as she fears or experiences domestic violence so that she can be helped to keep herself and her child safe. This may prevent the situation escalating to the extent that Children’s Services need to become involved.

If she is in contact with your specialist domestic violence service, you can provide her with a range of advice and information and support to help her understand what her options may be and how to protect herself and her child.

Early help services

She can also ask a professional working with her family such as a GP, health visitor or teacher to co-ordinate an early help assessment to work out what support her family needs and to put this plan of support in place, with a lead professional responsible for coordinating it. She does not have to have an early help assessment or accept the services offered but it might be a good idea if the help is needed. To find out more about early help services please see the FRG advice sheet on family support. For further information about getting support read here.