FAQs for domestic violence practitioners

We have provided answers below to some of the questions we are most often asked by practitioners working with families where domestic violence is a concern.

Practitioners working in domestic violence organisations:

Social workers working with children and families:

Download our leaflet which has been designed as a series of ‘top tips’ for social workers working with children and families affected by domestic abuse:

Keeping Safe Leaflet

Note on the language we have used: We refer to survivors of domestic violence as "the mother" or "she". We refer to the abuser or perpetrator as "the father" or "he". We have chosen to use this language because it reflects the situation in the majority of cases. However, we recognise that men can also be survivors of domestic violence and that domestic violence can occur in same sex couples.

The information we have provided generally applies to England and Wales. However, there are some differences in the law between England and Wales. If you live in Wales you could get local advice from a solicitor or Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Thank you to Trust for London for funding Family Rights Group to develop these advice resources.     trust-for-london-logo