Family Group Conference principle and practice guidance

We work with the Family Group Conference Network and partner agencies to produce national standards and guides that develop and promote best practice. This underpins the accreditation scheme of family group conference services which we administer.

  1. Family Group Conference Principles and Practice Guidance Published by Barnardo's/ Family Rights Group/ NCH in 2002
    A Welsh language version: 'Cynadleddau grwp i'r teulu Egwyddorion a chanllawiau ymarfer'.

  2. The Family Group Conference toolkit- a practice guide for setting up and running an FGC service.

    Editor: Cathy Ashley; Authors: Cathy Ashley, Liz Holton, Hilary Horan, Jane Wiffin (2006). Published by Department for Education and Skills, the Welsh Assembly Government and Family Rights Group.

    The primary purpose of this toolkit is to help agencies to set up or commission child welfare family group conferences in their local areas and support existing family group conference projects to sustain and develop their services. It includes very practical information, such as draft job descriptions for co-ordinators and advocates. Chapter five illustrates that the family group conference model can be used to find solutions to an array of problems effecting vulnerable adults, children and young people. The Toolkit can be ordered from our on-line shop.

  3. Policy guides

1. Updated guide on using Family Group Conferences for children who are, or may become, subject to care proceedings, Sept 2011. Written for Courts, Lawyers, CAFCASS and CAFCASS CYMRU officers and Child Care Practitioners, the guide was developed by Family Rights Group in conjunction with the Family Group Conference Network and CAFCASS. It is endorsed by Family Justice Council.

2. Recording of information - good practice guide for FGC Services produced by Family Rights Group in consultation with the Family Group Conference Network. July 2008.