Help with money

If you have a Residence Order or a Special Guardianship Order you can claim Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for the child, depending on how much money you have. If the child is disabled, you may also be able to claim Disability Living Allowance.

The child’s social worker might also be able to help with money, but they do not have to. It depends partly on what legal order you have:

  • If you have a Residence Order you are most likely to get help with money if the child was looked after before you got the Residence Order.
  • If you have a Special Guardianship Order and the child was looked after before you got the order, the social worker should work out how much help with money you need (if you ask them to). But they don’t always have to give you that help after they’ve worked it out.

If you ask, the social worker should give you a policy which tells you how children’s services work out how much money they will give you (if any). If the social worker does not follow what the policy says, you can make a complaint. You can also talk to an adviser for further advice.