How to ask for the child to come and live with you

First of all you need to be clear about who you should speak to about the child coming to live with you. Then you may want to prepare what to say to them about why you think this will be best for the child.  For example, you will need to explain to them how you can meet the child’s needs in terms of day to day care, education, keeping in touch with family and friends etc. and what support you will have to ensure they get the best possible care in your home. It is a good idea to explain this in a letter and keep a copy for yourself.

However, you should also be aware that if the carers have got a Child Arrangements OrderResidence Order, a Special Guardianship Order or an Adoption Order, then the carers will probably feel that they have made a long-term commitment to the child. The child may also think they have a settled home with the carers. You should think carefully about disturbing this sort of arrangement.