Early help and family support

If you or your child have experienced domestic violence, you can approach a range of organisations for help and advice, such as Women's Aid. See where to get further help for contact details.

You may need to call the Police or depending on your situation you may want to talk to a professional, such as your GP or health visitor, or your child's teacher, a lawyer or consider contacting your local Children's Services department or other specialist domestic violence organisations. You could suggest that they co-ordinate an 'early help' assessment of your family's situation to work out what extra support you need. If you feel it would be helpful for any other professionals involved with your family to meet together and make a plan then you could suggest that a Team Around the Family meeting is convened. A range of services can be offered as part of this plan, but if the assessment of your family indicates that you need an ongoing service from a children's social worker then, either you or one of the professionals, will need to refer your family to your local Children's Services Department. They will assess your situation. Find out here more about the assessment process and the potential decisions that could be made.

Frequently asked questions

What types of help can I ask for or could I be offered? This link takes you to a section describing the help you could request or may be offered.

I have been contacted by a social worker because they are concerned about how the domestic violence is affecting my child. What can I do?

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