Contact arrangements for children when there is domestic violence

If your children's father has been violent towards you, it very important to make sure that neither you nor your children are put at risk of harm if/when they have contact with him. They could be harmed whether by being directly hurt or by witnessing further violence towards you. This section sets out some important considerations about arranging contact in these circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do to make sure my children are safe when they have contact with their father who has abused me?

I believe it is in my child's best interests to have a relationship/contact with their father even though we have split, but the social worker does not agree. What should I do?

A social worker came to see me a few weeks ago and asked me to agree that the children would not have unsupervised contact with their father. I have not heard from the social worker since then. Where do I stand?

The social worker wants me to allow contact between my child and his father, but I feel this would be unsafe, what can I do?

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