Can I get someone to go with me to the child protection conference?

Yes. You can normally take someone along to the conference to support you and help you to get your point of view across. This may be a family member or friend, or perhaps a professional supporter or advocate. It is a good idea to think about what type of specialist support you might want, for example:

  • an advocate or supporter who can help you with the matters relating to domestic violence or
  • an advocate who knows about your particular background or the challenges you may face, for example, if you are black, or from a minority ethnic group and/or you are lesbian, bisexual or transgender and/or have a physical or learning disability or mental health problems.

If you want this extra help, you can ask the social worker to arrange this, or, if you have support from a person already, such as an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) tell the social worker you would like to bring them along.

Independent advocates such as solicitors will not be asked to be part of the decision making at conference. Clarify with your advocate, including your IDVA if you have one, that they are at the meeting to support, advise and advocate for you and that they are not part of the decision making at conference.

You can also find information about this type of specialist advocacy in our where to get further help section.

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