Accreditation scheme for family group conference projects

Promoting quality - developing a framework for accrediting family group conference services

We are driving consistent quality standards across family group conference services by developing, trialling and rolling out a framework for the accreditation of family group conference services. This work is part-funded by Department for Education.

The purposes of the FGC quality standards framework are:

- to ensure consistent, high standards applied across local FGC services, so that children and families offered an FGC fully benefit from the efficacy of the approach.

- To raise the credibility and consequently the use/commissioning of FGCs services amongst policy makers and commissioners.

- To increase the use of FGCs in planning for vulnerable children, thus enabling them to remain safely within their family network and avoiding them unnecessarily entering the care system.

The first two years (2011-13)

A standards framework was agreed under the direction of a development group with representation from all regional FGC networks. This framework was trailed in 15 local FGC services.

This work was independently evaluated by Dr Louise Brown, University of Bath and a detailed business assessment was undertaken which proposed a costs framework for the roll out nationally of the accreditation framework which aimed to be affordable and sustainable. This work was presented at a national conference where there was widespread agreement to take this forward.

Download the report which describes the accreditation framework including the standards that FGC services need to demonstrate, the findings from Dr Brown’s independent evaluation of the trial, and recommendations for supporting the roll out of the accreditation framework.

2013-15 roll out of the accreditation framework

We aim to support a further 40 FGC services to be accredited in the next two years. We have set out the costs for projects in undertaking this.

If you manage an FGC service and are interested in it becoming accredited complete the expression of interest form. To find out more please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We also offer  free consultancy support  to local authorities that don’t have FGCs to assist them to set up or commission an FGC service which meets the accreditation standards. Please let Sean know if interested This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..