Payment and Expenses Policy for Families


Prior to your being invited to participate, we will make it clear to you whether any expenses or thank you payments are applicable.
Where expenses are applicable, all expenses should be agreed with us in advance.

1. We will pay pre-agreed out of pocket expenses if you attend any meeting, group, conference, training session or workshop for us. This includes:
• your travel expenses by public transport (standard class)
• your car mileage at 40p per mile and parking charges up until the equivalent cost of a standard rail ticket.
• your taxi fares if you are unable to travel by public transport or car.
• Other out of pocket costs, such as your childcare costs or your other care costs, if you are the carer of an adult and if you would not otherwise have incurred this expense
2. We need you to give us the receipts for any expenses and to sign an expenses claim form we will give you.
3. We will usually pay your expenses in cash on the day.
4. Where possible we will pay your expenses directly, e.g. we will buy your travel ticket for you, or pay your child carer directly.


5. We would like to offer payment for some of the things you could do to get involved with us. We know that some people prefer to volunteer their time and not be paid.
6. We may offer a thank you gift if you take part in groups or panels
7. We will offer you payment if you speak at a workshop or conference for us.

Before we offer you a payment, we will suggest that you seek advice about the effect that being paid can have on benefits and tax. It is important to note that benefit rules change quite frequently and they are very complicated. Some people are worried that receiving payment means they could lose benefits or pay the wrong amount of tax. You will need to explore your own particular circumstances with regard to your own ability to work in relation to your tax or benefit situation and we recommend that you check what is right for you and seek advice from your local CAB.

8. If we pay you to work for us on an ongoing basis, rather than a one off, we will issue you with a contract for this work, which will cover issues of tax, national insurance and expenses. However, before we do this we will advise you to seek specialist advice about the effect on your benefits.
9. Expenses for voluntary work are not taxable.

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