Equal Opportunities

Equality policy

Family Rights Group is committed to providing equality of provision in the services it provides and in its employment practices. We believe that children and their families should have a greater say and influence over decisions about their lives and services they need or use, and have access to such support so that wherever possible children can remain safely and securely within their own family.

Family Rights Group recognises that in our society groups and individuals are discriminated against on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religious and cultural beliefs, disability, sexuality and age. Family Rights Group further recognises that there is both direct discrimination and indirect discrimination.

We seek to promote the full participation by families in decisions regarding their children, and the full participation by families in the planning and evaluation of services. It is also our aim to promote the development of legislation, policy and practice which supports a genuine partnership between families and the agencies working with them.

Family Rights Group promotes equality of opportunity with regard to service delivery and employment. This is reflected in our actions, our recruitment and employment policies, our contracts with external consultants and our service standards, which fully comply with equalities legislation and are regularly reviewed by our Board of Trustees.

We are committed to supporting the development of all our staff, including through effective induction, supervision, management, team and organisational events and a specific training and development fund.

We recognise that developing our equal opportunities policies and practice is an ongoing process, and we continue to monitor and review all aspects of our work, so as to:

  • promote the provision of accessible and appropriate services for all sections of the community;
  • ensure we promote and apply equal opportunities in our employment and our work.

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