Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

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Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by heartbrokenfather » Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:37 pm

Each time the children's social worker changes so does the local authority's end goal, middle of last year I was told by children services team manager why they don't see why I can't go back home with a slow and progressed reintroduction to the family home. All of the children was also told the same thing that dad wound be coming back home by other one of the children's social workers. But since the latest social worker has taken over the case, they are now saying that I will never be returning home to the family. that my wife wants nothing to do with me, and my wife will be starting divorce proceedings.
For the last 14 months I feel like I am a complete failure as a father and as a husband.
I love my children and wife unconditionally, and that will not change just because a social worker is on a power trip.

ange301126 :
From my understanding and speaking to no less then 20 child/family solicitor firms across the south of england the only way I am going to be able to get legal aid funding is if children's services start legal action and or care proceedings.
Regarding signing documentation I have informed children's services on several occasions that I will not sign anything without is first being checked of by a solicitor.

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Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by ange301126 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:36 pm

Dear Heartbrokenfather,

You say your wife was ' not permitted' to stay for the Xmas contact just drop the children off.

Are you a danger to her? Did she want to stay or not? Surely if she wants a divorce,she has had enough time to serve papers by now.

Ironically, while you were on bail,you were allowed to see her.This gets curiouser and curiouser almost like the series, Tales of Mystery and Imagination!

When legal funding was cut,I think it was intended that a lot of the slack would be taken up by solicitors on a no win no fee basis.Why don't you try approaching a small,obscure solicitor who might consider applying for an injunction.0ne that doesn't do legal aid.

I can't see how you could lose.It is a scandal.Look up no win-no fee lawyers.

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Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by Murray72 » Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:45 am

If previous SW had agreed to you been allowed home at some time in the future then you must try and pinpoint exactly why and at what point this decision was changed. If it just because a change of SW thinks the plan should change then challenge this decision. You must have been given some idea of why this plan changed? Perhaps your wife is saying something different to the SW than she is telling you, perhaps something came up in any reports or assessments that changed the view of CS. In my experience CS were always very clear as to why they had made the decisions they had made, regardless of me agreeing with them or not! For example I had to see my children in a contact centre for 2 years because they felt they could not trust me to keep my ex partner away (even when he was in prison, at which point it was his extended family etc etc).

I feel like perhaps I was in the position of your wife some years ago it is almost impossible and the pressure on her must be incredible.


Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by Askmelater » Fri Jan 30, 2015 11:13 pm

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Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by Murray72 » Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:49 pm

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Post by ange301126 » Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:31 am

Dear Heartbrokenfather, Are they holding core-group meetings at the correct times as they should? When is the next one?

It is important that they follow guidelines.


A point was made very early on your thread by Blueplain which was that ASDH children do tend to lie.Maybe your little girl told a fib to someone at school that you smacked her. That was a lie but put on the spot and confused by badly-trained,poorly- managed child-protection professionals,she is likely to have compounded the fiction in order to satisfy their enquiries.

When your wife was interviewed,maybe she described ways in which you control the family.

The CS appear to have labelled you as a control freak ( without allowing you the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to be informed of the concerns and account for your actions and controlling behaviour. As described in my thread mentioned above neither the school or the social workers know what they are talking about.Did they provide a report written by ASDH experts to the CPC? NO!

Have they sought specialist opinion? No!

Their case is based on the FALSE doctrine that you strictly controlling the children is ' domestic abuse'.

At which point in the history of this proud nation did we stoop to accepting the vile doctrine that a father who controls his family ( even if an unusually strict one) should be permanently removed from his home, have any contact with his children closely monitored by the authorities and be forced into divorce?That a man and his wife should be put asunder at the will of a Child-Protection system without even a court order is so beyond the pale in any civilised country. I don't believe it would even be allowed in many third-world countries.

It struck me as weird and macabre when you wrote of your suspicions that you and your family are being subjected to covert surveillance.I now realise that in no way shape or form was it wild,unfounded 'conspiracy theory'.Not only the FACTS imparted to us by Murray now back you up but also FACTS described by Blueplain,Bitter Pill and others.

Strangely, I now recall that when we had care of our children, on several occasions ,even sometimes when we were away in Wales on holiday, my wife became distressed and complained that a car was following us. Naturally, I laughed about it and told her she was paranoid when she said "there's that car again,it's social services". What normal father would say otherwise.I am now further convinced they target families with ASD and ADHD children. They are experienced enough to know they can easily fit such families ( another of your children has special problems too) up for ' emotional abuse' or 'risk of emotional abuse'.

As Murray says in another similar case on the forum where there is a family facing similar problems,the CS appear to have given your wife a 'chance' of sorts and have not yet removed the children. That is what surprises me.

When matters come to a head again you need specialist opinion.All sorts of controlling behaviour is essential when dealing with five children but when special needs is concerned,by normal standards,it may seem excessive.By special needs standards it is normal and vital.

For example,my daughter loved being chased and when she ran into danger, I would chase after her grab her away from the dangerous traffic and use bodily force to carry her back home,She would be struggling.What must that have looked like to ordinary neighbours who didn't know the facts.My daughter had faecal difficulties too and when workers were in our home one day, they spotted smears of it in her bedroom. Also they spotted 'safety devices' we had fitted to her bedroom door as advised by special needs experts.After a complaint was made to social workers they removed both children forthwith without even letting me account for my actions.

It is a FACT that to care for these children,all carers have to be very alert and controlling of them.That is why they go to special schools or have one to one support in mainstream.That is why special schools and residential homes have locks on doors and high fences around the playgrounds and other safety devices such as those on bedroom doors to stop night time wandering.They have to be treated like babies safety wise and strictly supervised 24/7.

You need expert opinion and active intervention at the next core-group.

The problem is that without asking you to account for yourself and without any empathy for you because they flouted procedures, premature decisions were made.They will now be dead set on jusifying the decisions . Assessments have not been open-minded, fair and impartial for that reason and that situation will continue until you get intervention to stop them.

Do not imagine for one moment you are too controlling because you are not. At least I exonerate you. You should not blame yourself.

Those sw's, solicitors,advocates,parents and others who don't know what the hell they are talking about will still condemn you and accuse you of 'self catharsis' or not acknowledging the concerns.Thus you need an expert report to support you for which all these issues are to be raised in the instruction letter.

Hope this is clear and hope it helps.

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Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by heartbrokenfather » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:40 am

ange301126: The local authority are not following there own guidelines and time-scales.

I have well and truly hit a brick wall with the local authority. The local authority does not keep my up-to date with things, as said before it is very rare that the local authority will respond to my emails and or phone calls.

The local authority have decided the fate of my family and it seems that no matter what I do and or say they few will not change.

As I have said before the local authority state that due to the alleged allegations I post a risk to my wife and children, even though there is no evidence of any wrong doing on my part, purely only hearsay.

The current social worker during a very resent meeting stated that they have access to the ABE police interviews, and have read them.
I am unsure if the social workers do have access to the ABE police interviews, or just bits of information that the police / cps has passed on.
If it's just a case of bits of information I am sure that only selected information has been pasted on, and not the content in it's full.

As anyone who reads the ABE police interview will see that the child(rens) story changes and then gets retracted during the ABE interview.

I have found out about a few other cases within my local area where the police and or children's services have been involved, and in these cases there is physical evidence that the child(ren) have been injured, then for the police and children's services to just say no further action, and walk away.

This has got me thinking that children's service select what family's they intend to target for what ever resign there might be.

Due to this I am now contemplating putting a quite large ad in the local new paper asking for people who have children's services involved to contact me and or this forum.

As I have no legal representation I have no voice, I am currently out of work, and there is just no way possible for me to be able to pay the £270 per hour that my child/family solicitor charges.

I have looked for no-win-no-fee solicitors, but as I yet I have not found one that deals in child/family law or with human rights, all the one I have found so far seem to be personal injury solicitors.

It is now 430 Days since I was removed from the family home, and it seems that I have no prospect of being able to return to the family home.

As time passes I am becoming more and more desperate as I can not find any professional that is able and or willing to help my family.

I have not read the thread: AUTISTIC SPECTRUM AND OTHER SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN, but I will do when I have some free time.

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Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by ange301126 » Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:01 pm

Dear Heartbrokenfather,

I suggest you have suffered personal injury and so have your children under the category of emotional disturbance. So try and get an injunction to stop it using one of those solicitors.Perhaps you can consult the law forum about.

The trouble is that most personal injury solicitors are ambulance chasers and will only take a case on if there is a one hundred percent chance of success. I think they are more interested in their own profits than solving a clients problems.

You could try writing to the law society ,explaining the problem fully, and asking them to recommend a solicitor who will apply for an injunction under no-win no-fee.

Otherwise,apply to a charity such as the NSPCC. Look up charities, free legal help etc.

Have you got accomodation yet?

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Re: Removed from family home by Police & Children Services

Post by Mummyme » Tue Dec 15, 2020 11:13 pm

I'm new here, and these posts I've been following, does this continue elsewhere, another forum maybe? I'd really like to see how it all went. I hope things improved for everyone.
Thanks for sharing, you've been strong and I admire that greatly. X
Mummyme :D

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