urgent advice ?

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urgent advice ?

Post by lianne » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:45 pm

hi im going to get straight to the point, i lost a case regarding my 2 children last yr and the court made seperate orders my son to stay in long term foster care and my daughter to be adopted and the court agreed with this, i was drinking quite heavily and doing stupid things, i wasnt an alcholic i could go without it but when i got stressed i use to binge drink, i lost my husband during all this which made things a bit worse, the social worker was saying that he was helping me get the kids back which i know now was just to keep me onside so i co-operated, i saw a sycologist and a sykiatrist which he said was to help me get my kids home, and im a person who is always open and honest which was a big mistake, through the proceedings i met a wounderful partner and became pregnant, the social worker started making up lies about my partner because he is not from here and didnt really understand what the social worker was saying to him he twisted all his words, so my partner said he wanted to have another interview but with a translater there which he did, but the social worker just put the same document as before and more twisted stuff he didnt even give my partner a chance, when it came to the final hearing i had changed my life completely around hadnt touched a drop of alchol for nearly a year and was in a really good place in my life not just because of my partner but for myself and my children, the sycologist was saying i have an emotion personality disorder that when things dont go my way i turn to drink, i only had the problem for a yr and half before my children got took so wasnt a long issue but i was being a little immiture about my problem, so the judge said because i was pregnant it wasnt in my kids interest to wait until i had the baby to do an assessment of my 2 children and the baby so made the orders to place my son in foster care and my daughter on a placement order, also the sycologist said i would need 6-12 months councelling to deal with some deep seated issues which still till this day i havent got a clue what he was on about, anyway from the orders being made my solicitor said they will probably take proceeding on my baby when its born which my partner was not happy about because he hadnt done nothing wrong and she said to me i can request a new social worker which i jumped at the chance and said yes i want a different one, 3 weeks before my baby was due we were called into social services and it was the same social worker he said they havent allocated a new one yet so im still the one and he told me they were taking proceeding to remove my baby and place him for adoption straight away we was shocked because at the final hearing even tho i lost the case people was praising me and telling me how good ive been to change my life around and the judge made a comment saying so things are positive for mum and new baby and everyone said yes we asked the social worker why and he said because i couldnt prove i havent been drinking and i will be the main carer of the baby so he told me to speak to my solicitor, i explained to my partner afterwards and he said straight away no chance are they taking the baby i will look after him, when i gave birth the social worker came to the hospital because i wasnt allowed to leave and served me some papers for court, i rang my solic and she said what ever i do dont agree for them to take the baby, she said they have no grounds because of my partner my solicitor managed to get me into a mother and baby foster placement untill we went to court which i agreed and my partner came evryday to see us and the foster women was brilliant she helped my partner learn to look after my baby so we could go to court with positive records saying he could look after him, a new social worker became involved and i am so glad she did because everything has been positive, i managed to get some emergency councelling before i had my baby so they couldnt say im not trying and 2 weeks later of being in that placement we came home with our little boy under a intrem care order and agreement my partner to be the main carer until further assessments were done, we did an assessment, i got a hair strand test done even did more councelling, before we went to the issues resolution hearing everything was positive and the social worker came to see us and told us they was going to court for a supervision order, which means we kept our son and that i would become the main carer and still to this day its been 3 months since then everything is still positive, this is just the outline of my situation, im not so worrid about my son he is in a good place and i see him all the time its reguarding my daughter my solitior said i could be in a position to revoke the adoption order, after the hearing regaurding my baby we found out she had just been placed with prospective adopters so my solic said there was nothing we could do until an adoption order was made, now the situation has changed again my daughter is back in foster care not down to her but the parents decided they didnt want kids after all, so there looking for another family, i need advice urgently my life had drastically changed even the new social worker has commented loads of times how we changed things and got our son home because the old social worker was adamont about placing him for adoption just says evrything for itself, i want my daughter home they cant say theres not enough time to do an assessment now but my solicitor is just so slow at getting back to me and im scared that there going to place her with another family quickly because they know i want to fight for her, i dont know what to do my partner is 100% behind me at getting her home and ive got loads of support from family and friends now which i didnt have before, any advice please im really desperate

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Re: urgent advice ?

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:16 pm


Thanks for joining the parents boards.

Well done on making such positive changes and enabling your son to remain in your care. It seems that you don’t really want advice about that but about what you can do to prevent your daughter being adopted. Your daughter was placed with prospective adopters but they changed their minds and she is now back in foster care.

I’m presuming that the Judge in your daughter’s case decided to make a Placement Order to allow your daughter to be adopted as opposed to you agreeing to her being adopted. You want to bring that Placement Order to an end.

You are right to want to act quickly. If your child is living with the people who want to adopt your child but is not yet adopted, you cannot ask the judge to end the order.

But if your child is not yet living with the people who want to adopt your child, then you can apply to court to end the Placement Order but you will need the permission (called leave) of the judge first. The judge will only give this permission if you can show that there has been a change in circumstances since the Placement Order was made. You have obviously made a huge amount of progress but you will need advice from a solicitor about this.

I’m pleased you have a solicitor acting for you already. I noticed you said you had difficulties getting in touch with them but just do keep trying as it is important to act quickly and instructing a new solicitor and transferring funding can take a long time. If your solicitor is not responding because they are on leave then make sure someone else in the firm is dealing with your case. If they are just not responding to you, consider making a complaint to the senior partner and emphasising how urgent your case is.

For more information, please read our adoption advice sheet, which can be found here: http://www.frg.org.uk/images/Advice_She ... hority.pdf.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


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