Can I contest Child Services decision?

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Can I contest Child Services decision?

Post by DDFR45 » Tue Apr 05, 2022 12:15 am

Thank you for having me here, I do have 2 main issues I want to address but this one is the most important so the other one I will leave for a few days.

My youngest daughter has 5 kids by 3 different dads and last week she had the 3 eldest taken due to allegations of my daughter physically abusing the elder 2, we knew it was a possibility they would be taken and plans were being put in place where the eldest 3 would go to their grandparents, child 1, the eldest, would come to me and my wife, child 2, the 2nd eldest, would go to his paternal grandparents and child 3, the youngest of those 3, would go to his paternal grandparents.

2 Wednesdays ago the child services worker phoned me to double check on how I would get him to and from school because I often do the school run for my granddaughter who lives with me and my wife along with her sister and their mum, my eldest daughter, I said I would use my daughters car and she would walk her daughter to and from school. It's only a 5 minute walk to her school and then another 5 minutes to her workplace so getting my grandson to and from school would not be a problem.

She then asked what our income was, I said my wife gets both components of PIP, mobility and care, ESA and I get carers allowance. Then as I tried to say about my eldest daughters contribution she said she only wants to know about me and my wife even though she knows my daughter lives with me and has a job, she then ended the phone call, as far as I was aware we would still have our eldest grandson if my daughter lost in court.

Later that day the CS worker informed everyone court was the next day. The next day she phoned me again around 3 hours before the hearing to say the courts would be in touch with me to tell me why it was a negative to me having my grandson and again she ended the call. I never received anything from the court so had no clue why. The hearing was adjourned for a week and I spoke to my youngest daughter to let her know we wasn't having him, she said she knows, in the CS reports sent to the court it said the reason why is because my wife is disabled, we are on benefits and we struggle to get things in. My wife's disabilities do not prevent her from helping to look after a 6 year old, plus that's discrimination. Yes we are on benefits but as for struggling to get things in, none of us ever said that because we don't struggle, our eldest daughter spends a few hundred pounds a month on groceries. The CS worker knows our eldest daughter lives with us so she should have taken that in to consideration, but then that might have been enough for us to have our grandson.

A week later my daughter and her partner, father to her youngest 3, lost the hearing and had to move in with foster parents with the youngest 2 so they could be monitored, child 1 and 3 were moved in with foster carers and child 2 was given to his paternal grandparents, turns out they were the ones who made the allegations of physical abuse. It says in the reports they said my daughter has beaten their grandson since birth. My daughter lived with me when her 2 eldest were born, she moved out when child 2 was 16 months old, child 1 was not quite 3 years old, during that time i never saw her hit either of them kids, not even raised a hand. Child 2s paternal grandparents had hardly any contact with him so they have no clue what did or didn't happen, sorry, I'm getting a bit side tracked, that belongs in issue 2.

Child 1 has learning difficulties, he has also been diagnosed with Developmental Vocal Dyspraxia (DVD) and Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), he is being transferred from main stream school to a school for children with special needs sometime this year, I understand his needs, I understand his speech most of the time and if I don't we work it out without him getting frustrated, we have a strong bond, always have since he was a baby, he stays here often and feels safe here.

A few weeks ago while at school child 1 and child 2 apparently said their mum hits them, child 1 told his mum he never said that, they were put on child protection and they were taken to child 2s paternal grandparents, the next day child 3 was taken to his paternal grandparents as a precautionary measure, child 4 and child 5 were left in my daughters care unmonitored for a week, the elder 3 kids were back after a week. My daughter had signed an S20 for that week but refused to sign anymore. When they came back they were all a bit upset they had been taken but child 1 seemed worse, he told me he didn't like being taken and didn't want to be taken again, the sad look on his face was heart breaking. He became withdrawn at school, stopped talking to the teachers, I raised concerns with my daughter saying he was down, possibly bordering on depression. He even held my hand to cross the road at a pelican crossing, something he hadn't done for over a year. If he's like that after a week with someone he knows I hate to think what he'll be like with strangers for a potential minimum of 6 months. He should be here with me and child 3 should be with his paternal grandparents, I did tell all this to the CS worker and I ended up getting angry at her and the situation, I'm 100% certain that is the real reason she stopped me having him here, that's where issue 2 comes in. All the details of the case haven't been finalised yet, that is happening this Thursday but what we do know is me and my wife are allowed to see them for 30 minutes every month so not only have they taken those boys away from their mum and dad, child 1 and child 2 both call him dad, they have taken them away from their grandparents, aunty and cousins, they look up to my 2 granddaughters like big sisters, surely that is a violation of their human rights.

What I need to know is what are my options, am I able to contest the decision, if so what is the average time things like this take to resolve, I know every case is different so there might not be an average time.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit I just have a lot to say because the whole thing stinks of manipulation, twisted truths and lies. My 10 year old granddaughter told me today the whole thing is a set up, her words not mine.

A recap of the main issues, the violation of the boys human rights, the discrimination of my wifes disabilities and the detrimental effect it could possibly have on child 1s mental health.

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