Grandparents rights

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Grandparents rights

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My daughter had 2 children removed in 2008 (aged 8 and 7) for neglect, sexual abuse not really sure of the exact reasons and social services have not been very forth coming on explaining to me (they were more than happy to tell the whole story to my other children)
She had a third child in 2018 but he unfortunately died very soon after birth due to unformed kidneys)
Last year she had another little boy and children’s social services became involved and did a prebirth assessment which was deemed negative some of their reasons were
1:Historical removal of previous children they didn’t feel she had changed
2: She was living in my house and they feel it inappropriate for her and the baby to live with me (I live in a 4 bed semi just me and my adult son)
3:My mental state my husband was in icu due to covid since March 2020 and i had tried to commit suicide (He died 18/06/2021)
4:The information given by her siblings (the 3 youngest were 8, 4 and 3 when the 2 children were born and 11, 7 and 6 when she moved away)
These are just a few the list is pretty long and i feel that although she was in a really bad place when her children were first born but over the intervening years she has been up and down but since losing her little boy who passed in 2018 she has really changed her whole life she still has the odd flip but on the whole she is much more stable this was born out by her psychological assessment and a letter from my husband who explained she was a changed woman
The story is so long and convoluted the end line is there was a failed mother and baby unit assessment (the first 2 weeks she was suffering from an infected cs scar)
A positive hair strand drug test (for amphetamines) though she had not taken any for the previous 6 months
A positive psychological assessment
A very short kinship placement
A foster placement that is going amazingly well
There is a positive kinship placement available
Court is set for April when he will be almost a year old
The whole process has been in my opinion flawed there has been no assessment of myself so why is it inappropriate for them to come here?
My daughter has tried her best to do everything asked of her she has done a parenting course with sure start, been to together womens to work on her self esteem and being able to recognise completed a 12 week course then attended engage Leeds which is still ongoing
She wanted help to find a property closer to me to make her own the sw originally they were going to refer her then changed their minds saying she should have done it herself
The sw’s gave her the list of places they wanted her to contact what they missed telling her was to try engage Leeds for housing help luckily it was part of her help support from engage leeds but it took 4 months to get a worker had the sw’s told her in the beginning she should be in her own property by now
We had a family conference meeting putting a support plan in place for her we amended this to encompass different scenarios but these have never been (as far as we know)shown to the court
This is only a very small sample of the flaws littering the 2 assessments undertaken we were denied an independent social worker assessment
Thank you for listening
I am hoping for some advice and help

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