Day 9

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Day 9

Post by Missing_two » Sat Nov 06, 2021 8:18 pm

all new here and so so so desperate for support and advice it's day 9 since they took my 2 girls 10 yrs and 8 yrs - I am filing for appeal due to the time restrictions put on a one day contested hearing which was for the ex initially however the Socail and Cafcass flipped and changed position and became my fight- this all after the gaurdian having met them once for 20 mins and never having met me - they have left 3 in my care from a different father 2 subject to proceedings the other now free of Child Protection due to age - the 2 in my care are 16 and 14 only 3 years between the eldest girl they took and him - I have a judicial complaint in agsint the judge for how rude she was to me and hoping on the appeal . The whole involvement of social since just before first lockdown has been a shambles of lies , errors , inconsistent reports and cut and paste - it all went wrong when I asked for a new SW as the one I currently had had acted unethically and now I have a newly qualified one on a complex case and the manager is behind everything that is happening- I want a independent social worker review or it moving away from her team however solicitor says this can only happen thru complaining to socail themselves of which will it rock the boat ?

Basically the SW himself can see there's nothing wrong but his manager is out to get me well she successfully made that happen they now have my 2 babies in interim care of which is killing me - I got rid of the problem which was thier dad involvement of child abuse and abuse to me and drugs they (socail ) naturally had to be bought in swept all that under the carpet and brung up historical stuff and are banging on about that and nothing acknowledged that he was here and what he did no work that has been ordered has ever been done and they claim thats my fault they haven't offered half of what they could they have blamed covid yet when we all had covid or I've been cautious around covijd as I have long covid that's wrong - they lie their faces off to the point I don't know why I waste legal aid money responses to statements when there aren't read they don't acknowledge the positives at all - I see them 2 times a week for 2 hours supervised like I'm the criminal how the hell do I keep going and hope to get them back within around the 26 weeks - every report is about me it's cherry picked information they don't put the full story in and I'm just so fed up it's been since March 2020 of this and nothing I do is right yet the person who I got rid of who hasn't seen his kids or attempted us now involved as he dosnt have to pay basically has 3 other children he dosnt see being painted out to be the hero or there's nothing wrong when he failed and lied on a drug test and makes stupid remarks that I can disprove when does all this cone puy I'm sick of reading report after report of lies and cheery picked info on me arfhgggggggg sorry
Am I going to get them back
I have to be psychological assessed, my GP notes and police records and ambulance records looked at and the kids medical looked at they are saying FII which has been looked into twice historically and unfounded they are saying I'm given them medication of mine, and emotional harm thru scripting and physical I have laid a hand on them I got rid of him I have had my health used agaisnt me everything they can dig up they have used

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