Need help!Wrong person accused by social.

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Need help!Wrong person accused by social.

Post by Atka » Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:29 pm

My ex partner was abusing me he locked me and kids in the house locked the windows and removed keys and putted his own mother outside to hold door shut from outside which that led to the physical abuse as I tried to leave and and he wouldn’t let me this is proven as it was reported to police and in police reports. My ex partner was controlling I reported to the court about it as well as he did not accept no for an answer which is proven as well and was in court .My ex partner was tracking me as I received a message from him with GPS numbers of where I was, he was checking the bins and car and even if he founded like a bag from McDonald that I was having food then he was doing massive argument, he was sending kids to me to get information about where I was what I was doimg ect as my son didn’t want to ask this questions he was crying to tell him to stop, his mum was locking herself with kids inside rooms so I couldn’t get to kids and not letting me in without reason, I had to sleep outside on the benches few times and walk the street at night as they did not let me get into the house and all of it I reported to The council and that’s why I got safe house for me and kids in February 2019 as wasn’t safe for me with what he was doing. I did report domestic violence to agency and abuse all of it and they did send him letter to keep away from me as a warning, this is proven with the original document then he sexually assaulted me. He kidnapped the kids which with help with Hague convention, police English court and court in Poland and other institutions I took them back and is proven with all documentation also.My ex partner attacked me in Poland by chocking me and someone pushed him away from me and then his mother grabbed me also chocking me in front of my kids if not for my brother I could have been seriously hurt. this was reported to polish police with people who witness it aswell. Neighbours of my ex partner family.
I want to say that since I left my ex in February 2019 I started new relationship and my kids love my partner and they even called him dad which when my ex find out that cause even more problems. Because my ex tried to get custody in uk he failed didn’t get it as I proved that he is neglecting them even when he just having them for a weekend and then when he kidnapped them he tried get custody in Poland which he failed as well. Then he back to UK and he went to social services saying that my current partner is abusing me. I had few conversations about it with social services and I told them I m not abused by my current partner but I was abused by my ex then I started explaining them all abuse he done to me as because my English was bad back then I ask SW to give me an interpreter as they don’t understand me as they was constantly speaking about my current partner they refused to give me one. Then they came to me took kids and saying that because my abusive relationship kids are taken. Now I have all proved of what I really said there and that one person who ever abused me and kids was my ex social ignoring me, ignoring my complaints, I did complaint higher they ignoring me as well. We are going through private proceedings where I applied to bring them back to me since December 2019 when they took kids and till now day my ex partner abusing and neglecting kids and social services dont react on nothing and they trying hide all abuse towards my kids. Now social worker recommended that kids better staying father because they settle and there is nothing else just this. Social worker saying that I’m constantly making allegations about my ex and his care over my kids that’s not true, I didn’t told My ex to neglect them he decided to do it on his own accord My ex putted my son into obesity and not listening to advise and refusing to do what court ordered so not going to doctors with my son and saying to judge in the court “ to stop doing drama “ you can see how much he cares. The Children are afraid to speak with anyone and even Social worker manager confirmed this in her report that ” kids don’t want to speak with her without the presence of their father and when the father is there they want him to give an answer”. They have full list of not allegations but they’re facts how my ex abusing kids. Social worker decided to not react on any of it especially when I said about bruises and scratches and problem with my daughter feet, I told her and she said she will check, she left this 3 and half weeks to check I had valid concerns as it was bad. then she emails me she not seen nothing and no bruises, this is unbelievable Social worker failed to see kids straight away after seeing this and safeguarding my children but in fact contact My ex and tell him what I said then wait so long to go when she knew full well she wouldn’t see bruises so long after I report this, also My son said that his father letting him watch horror movies for adults and having nightmares that someone chasing him and cutting his head off Social worker decided to teach 30+ old father how to block content from children which he should know from beginning and this should not happen but she rather cover up his failings by schooling him as if Social worker wouldn’t be in his life all the time to show and teach what to and not to do he would have have done something serious already to kids. I don’t sit with kids and interview them or looking for bruises they telling me and they showing me and it’s fact. I tried protect myself and kids from him but when social helping the abuser I can’t do anything.
Social worker said that kids are settled there and that’s the main reason why kids should stay there. Nonsense. Children was not attending school because of Covid for 1.5 year and just from this September they physically attend school so they did not fully settled there and as we know kids are young and they settling quiet easy in this age so don’t see much of the problem. The fact that even My ex stated In court that he cannot physically take care over the kids as he his working 70h a week and he don’t have time. Now the grandmother is looking after them this is not a parent they need there mum there Grandmother don’t speak English, does not have driving license., have multiple illnesses and have her husband she has been apart from for some time and family in Poland also which I know she will want back to there what then with kids? He can’t cope we’re I can. we know he can’t care about them even the court realise this before and removed his rights. Children all the time saying they want to go to dance classes, learn how to play on guitar, going to birthday parties , schools parties but father won’t allow this as he never there they cannot enjoy their life as like they saying they don’t have anyone to do it or take them. I was doing all of this and that’s why I know this kids should be with me as my kids had a life before they was happy they had everything they ever wanted and more. They had love they had life.
I’m tired of listening that I did not safeguard kids when all I done was protecting my kids from my ex and I will never stop fighting for my kids.but I need someone help

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Re: Need help!Wrong person accused by social.

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Tue Oct 19, 2021 3:00 pm

Dear Atka,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. My name is Suzie and I will be responding to you today. I am sorry to hear about the difficulties that you and your family are experiencing.

Firstly, I am sorry to hear that you were a victim of domestic abuse. Have you ever received any specific support regarding this? it may be useful to consider getting specific support from organisations around this. You may find some of these links useful.

You say that you requested an interpreter when speaking with the social worker as you felt that they didn’t understand what you were trying to tell them, however they refused this. All agencies providing services to children and their families must have a clear policy in place explaining how they will work with families where there are safeguarding concerns and English is not a first language. I would suggest that you request a copy of this policy and then make a formal complaint regarding their refusal to use an interpreter. You can find detailed information about how to make a complaint here. You say that you have previously made complaints but feel that these are being ignored; if you have been through all three stages of the children’s services complaints process but you are unhappy with the outcome then you can complain to the Local Government Ombudsman. Or you could consider making a complaint to your local councillor, MP, the government or the courts; see here for more information.

You say that children’s services removed the children from you due to their concerns about your partner being abusive, however you do not say whether this was under a court order or a voluntary arrangement (section 20). There are now private law proceedings in place and the social worker has recommended in the Section 7 report that the children remain in the care of their father. You do not agree with this and are worried about the children’s wellbeing. You say that you have previously raised concerns about the children with the social worker and you feel that they did not respond quickly enough. I am unsure if you made a formal complaint regarding this; you may wish to consider doing so, or you could raise your concerns about the children to the NSPCC. Here is the link that explains how you can do this. You can remain anonymous if you wish. If you are unhappy with contents and recommendation of the Section 7 report completed by the social worker then it is important that you let the court know about your concerns. This ensures that the judge is able to consider your concerns when making their decision.

Do you have a solicitor representing you at present? If you do not then there are organisations who can provide private law advice. Child Law Advice have an advice line and may be able to provide you with some helpful advice. In addition, Support through court may be able to help with practical and emotional help if you are facing court alone. In some cases, We are Advocate can help with representation. .The Law Society provides the official database if you would like to find a solicitor.

I hope you find this helpful and should you wish to speak to an adviser, please telephone our free confidential advice line on 0808 801 0366. The advice line is open from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday. You are also welcome to post again in this forum.

Best wishes,

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