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What on earth is going on with families and why are so many so called good non abusive parents losing their kids

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:07 pm
by FJ2021
This is a message for Suzie on behalf of myself and all the other genuine parents living in my affluent town from different social backgrounds finding out families damaged by poly trained professionals. The NHS has long admitted that it has a serious problem with bullying amongst its staff and so too does social services. Why is it that these type of institutions and churches and children's leisure activities full of harmful people , some of whom are predatory and others target the helping professions because these are the places where you are most likely to finf vulnerable people. Statistically very few employees in statutory services have the necessary training in understanding families where there is a male abuser. I had read about it but to see it first hand is very disturbing , women becoming social workers very often do not have the empathy for women who have experienced dv, they in their need to dominate other women often reflect harmful misogynistic attitudes and do a great deal of harm to protective mother's and their children. This female relational aggression is not helpful and is a huge waste of tax payers money in regards to the harmful long term effects on children in being placed with perpetrator father's. There are many good men out there but there are also many men who play the coquette with statutory services highly effectively. The more dangerous the man the more sophisticated his ability to continue abusing the child and their mother via the use of the Many ignorant people working in statutory services. To be a good social worker you need to have a good intuition about dangerous men and this lack of skill in doing this is why local police recently told me that 90% of their work now is scheduled cases. It's this bad because there are systemic rules around allocating money and resources to cases and to deliberately down play abusive men especially men who like my highly dangerous ex partner also have connections via corrupt men who have used their financial advantage to buy their way through family courts and to save face and their honour by a system that sees vulnerable women and children as the right of the perpetrator father. Whilst most normal fathers wouldn't do this the perpetrator will get so many agencies involved that the cost to the UK tax payer could I believe run into the hundreds of thousands. At some point society and judges need to decide if contact at all costs is working and if there is a better way for them to understand why so many abusers in many cases who are a danger to their own families and the general public and other children are being allowed to continue their lives without sanction. Something somewhere doesn't add up. How is it that recently so many prominent men have been accused of being abusive and they hAve all the money to fight these claims and yet so many perpetrator father's are being allowed to walk Scott free with nothing it seems that the police or social services can prove. It doesn't add up to me and it's my belief that Many of these men in family courts belong to groups who are more powerful than all those famous men. I believe they have great financial power and that is why these rich men are being sent to jail yet real life family perpetrator father's are not. I wonder if some of these rich men are being set up by some of these very same corrupt father's groups .