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Why me?

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 11:28 am
by Frazor
I really don't know where to start, I'm scared to be honest of why they are doing this to me, from the very start this whole nightmare as been based on lies, and for what reasons are they doing this to me ive never done anything wrong to deserve this. Looking back now i feel sick to what children's services have done to me and for what reason i don't even know, in my findings after searching the Internet for answers its all about money, and in my situation i think that all services working with me from the start were all working together. I feel kind of pathetic to be honest that i have let them do this to me, i have had my doubts from the start that this was going on but i was made to believe it was all in my mind because i was thinking these cruel people that claimed to be helping me were telling me lies to cover up a whole corrupt scandal based on lies, its still really hard as to think that children's services, the waking hours team, family support worker, health visitor, and the school teacher were all working together telling a pack of lies to have my children taken away from me my thoughts now as to why they did this to me is that although they said they were caring about my children they did not and do not care a dalm about my family and why would they when all they think about is the money that clearly will give there own family a better life. They have put me and my children through hell for no reason it's wrong that they get away with doing this to parents like me for no reason what so ever all i can say from my situation is the stress and trauma that these evil cruel services have had on me and my innocent children as an impact of telling lies is something i wouldn't wish on anyone. It needs to be stopped because there are so many innocent parents out there that no longer have there children due to lies from services that family's think they can trust.