Child placed with adopter - What next?

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Child placed with adopter - What next?

Post by Xriverwolf » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:34 pm


My daughter was taken at 4 months old and taken into police custody overnight whilst I was sectioned and medicated. I wasn't able to pump milk for my child due to the toxic nature of the medications they put me on. I have since stopped lactating. X******** (My daughter) was then placed in emergency foster care on an interim care order. When I was discharged from hospital in October last year, I was asked to undergo a mental health and parenting assessment and attended the care proceedings. I was heavily medicated at the time (sedated) and struggled through. I saw my daughter twice a week for two hours in a contact centre and she seemed in good spirits and content. Despite the fact that she was now on formula milk and forced to sit in a pram and car seat a lot of the time. The carer agreed to feed her vegan organic food at my request.

The court ruled that I was too ill to look after my daughter due to diagnoses of delusional disorder/schizophrenia and because of her age, should be adopted. They said it was best for her to find a permanent, stable home asap. I also had another court case to determine whether she would be vaccinated against my wishes. I also lost this case. My lawyer said there was no room to appeal at the time and stopped communicating with me. I last saw my daughter the day before her 1st birthday when we had a small party for her with lots of gifts. Clothing, books, toys and vegan cupcakes. My mother, her grandmother met her for he first time and made balloon decorations. That was back in April.

X******** has since been placed with her adopter Y***. A ******, *********** woman whom I met. She is vegan-organic living to my relief and owns her own home with a garden somewhere in suburban ******. She likes poetry and the outdoors. She has a close family and friend network with children X******** can associate with. She knows some ***** people to help X******** connect with her birth identity. I have been off medication for 6 months now and am feeling happy and healthy although I'm grieving my daughter. I'm moving from my hostel this coming month into permanent social housing in the*******, ****** area. There is a nice park.

I have received my first letterbox contact informing me that X******** is now enjoying fresh strawberries - her favourite fruit and has been paddling in a pool in the hot weather. She has also been taking her first consecutive steps. Walking! I joined some online groups against forced adoption for support. Communicating with other women in the same situation I was informed about post adoption contact. I contacted a new lawyer with the intention of applying and she asked me where the adoption was up to. I learned that there are two stages to adoption. The placement and the adoption order. The adopter needs to apply for the adoption to be finalised after 10 weeks. In this case, I would receive news and be able to contest. The lawyer has accepted my documents and we will apply for legal aid so that she can represent me. She is contacting the old lawyer to get the court bundle and social services to determine how far along the adoption process has gone. I'm expecting news this week.

My question is, how likely is it that we can successfully oppose the adoption order? I have to show sufficient change in my condition. I'm prepared to undertake new assessments and can get glowing reports from my key worker and care coordinator. Is there anything else I can do to support my case? It is obviously in the best interests of my daughter to be returned to her birth mother and asap. We are still strongly bonded. She never suffered any harm or neglect whilst in my care. There will not be the stigma and trauma of growing up as an adopted person and I could re-lactate to ensure her immunological needs are being met. Can I also apply for post adoption contact whilst this is going on or do I have to wait to see if the adoption is finalised and take this as a next step if opposition is unsuccessful? Anything else I can do? All advice welcome TIA
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Re: Child placed with adopter - What next?

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Thu Sep 26, 2019 4:04 pm

Dear Xriverwolf

Welcome to the parents discussion forum and thank you for posting.

My name is Suzie, online adviser at Family Rights Group.

I am sorry to see that you baby daughter was removed from your care and placed with an adoptive famil.

In response to your question whether you can oppose the adoption order, once the application is made to the court for an adoption order you will be notified by the court and then you can give an indication whether you intend to oppose the application.

Your daughter would have been in her adoptive placement for some time and the court will consider the status quo and what is best for your daughter for the whole of her life. If you wanted to show the court that the order should not be made then I think you would have to show significant change with evidence to support it. The court would consider all evidence and make a decision.

It is possible to apply for post adoption contact and leave of the court would be needed to do this. The likelihood is that the court would consider this at the time of the application for an adoption order. The views of the adopters regarding contact will be very important

I think it would be more helpful to you to make contact with the organisation who can advise you more fully about adoption here . You may also find it help to seek legal advice from a solicitor.

You may find it helpful to read our advice sheets relating to adoption Adoption: what does it mean for birth parents? and Open Adoption

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


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