Children’s services have failed my son

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Children’s services have failed my son

Post by mummyoftwo » Wed Aug 28, 2019 7:02 pm

Two weeks ago my 3 year old son returned from his dads with substantial, clustered bruising all down his lower arm. Dad never handed over any bruising or accident and when I messaged him to ask how it had happened he told me he presumed he did it playing on a hill in his parents garden.
When I asked my son how he did it, after an hour of saying “can’t tell mummy” he eventually told me daddy did it, when asked how he grabbed his own arm, when asked why he said daddy was mad, when asked where he says daddies bedroom, when asked when he says morning day.
So I take my son to the GPs, again son says the same to the doctor. Safeguarding lead puts in a Children’s service referral with photos. This was the first failure. The GP didn’t put the referral in until nearly 5 days later. So 6 days later a section 47 investigation began, our son again told the social worker what had happened and watched my recordings of my son saying and showing what happened, even at one point saying he wanted daddy to stop it. All contact was stopped. The next day had a medical examination. That medical examination obviously came back inconclusive due to it nearly being a week since the bruising was noted.

The week after the social worker rang to say she had spoken with dad who originally said what he had told me. When the social worker explained that the injury is conclusive of being grabbed, dad then said another possibility is that his mum, sons grandma did it when grabbing him off the slide…

After over a week of no contact from the social worker, they turn up today and close the case. They’ve not spoke to my son to ask for details, they’ve not been to see dad. Bare in mind my son is still adamant that Dady hurt his arm nearly a month on. Social worker in not so many words said son isn’t telling the truth.

So Friday I am to send my 3 year old son, who has been inconceivable tonight saying he doesn’t want to go because daddy hurt his arm to his dads for 7 days and I cannot do I thing to help my son (court ordered contact). I feel so helpless and let down. What can I do, any advice?

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Re: Children’s services have failed my son

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Sep 13, 2019 4:19 pm

Dear mummyof2,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry for the delay in responding to you. I can see that you are worried about your son going to his dads for court ordered contact. He had disclosed to you that his dad had hurt his arm (you saw bruising) after you had questioned for an hour-as he said he did not want to tell.

You saw your GP who took photos and made a referral –though 6 days later which meant the s47 investigation started much later. Children services have closed their case without seeing dad or speaking to your son.

You are worried about the best way forward? Should you send your son for contact?
Did you ask these questions of the social worker? Did she advise one way or the other?
Have you seen copy of the written assessment? If not, ask for a copy as it should outline why children services made the decision to close the case. Or you could ask to meet with her so she can explain why she was not concerned.

Have a look at our advice sheet 9 Child protection procedures for further information.

I have any questions please post again or call our advice line on 0808 801 0366.
Best wishes,

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