daughters dad won't return her due to CP plan

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daughters dad won't return her due to CP plan

Post by LI0817 » Fri May 05, 2017 8:01 am

hi there
need advice on my situation - i have 2 girls 4 and 12 - 2 years ago I had a drug problem which I sought help for - at the time my youngest daughters dad wasn't informed due to the SW thinking it wasn't necessary as I was dealing with the problem, in January there was a dv incident at my home which my youngest witnessed I am now taking ex to court for assault and a injunction will be taken out he has been bailed not to contact me this was a one off incident and I have no intention of getting back with him I know it traumatised my youngest and I will never allow him near us again, this incident attracted the attention of SS and initially a CHIN plan was put in place, both pre school and secondary school have confirmed they have no concerns about my kids, despite this happened in January a new social worker taken over the case called the drug service to see if I had accessed the service since I left 2 years ago they verified that I had not she then asked to speak to my ex key worker who told her that in her opinion my ex has been supplying me with drugs fairly recently - this is not true I agreed to a hair test and to present myself at the local drug service to be tested there for now which is next week and i did admit that since coming off the medication (subutex) i had on occasion in the last 2 years bought this off the street the reason being that i was taken off these meds abruptly and wasnt weaned off properly the drug service have confirmed this also - when the social worker came to my home to ask me about drug use she did it when my youngest was having her weekly contact with her dad - when I admitted using the substitue she then went round to dad's told him I had used heroin and in her opinion was still using - he now won't return her - i have said I will tested every week if necessary I'll do any tests but he won't return her - I'm worried to get an emergency court order because I don't have support from SW she is supporting my ex I am heartbroken as is my other daughter and my parents I just don't know where I stand - yes I messed up yes it was irresponsible but I'm not a user now and I can prove that - please help ??

kind regards
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Re: daughters dad won't return her due to CP plan

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri May 05, 2017 4:08 pm

Dear LI0817

Welcome to the Board and thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear that the father of your youngest will not return her to your care. You have said that your daughter is on a child protection plan. Perhaps you should ask the social worker what her view is of your child returning home and what you may need to do to enable this to happen. In the meantime you should stick to the child protection plan, ask for increased contact with your child and continue to engage with drug and alcohol services.

You are correct when you say that you may need to apply for a court order to get your daughter back into your care and although this seems like a frightening prospect it may be the only way if the father refuses to come to an agreement with you. Our advice sheet about Child Arrangements Orders although aimed at family and friends carers will be useful to you and you can find some free legal advice from Child Law Advice Line as well as reading more about how to manage a court case from a organisation called Advice Now.

You may have to have mediation before you go to court you can find about this at Gov.UK. A social worker or a CAFCASS officer is likely to be asked to write a report looking at what is in the best interest of your daughter.

I hope this information is useful to you, please post back if you have any questions.

Best wishes


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