Accusations AGAIN! How can I stop her?

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Accusations AGAIN! How can I stop her?

Post by HereWeGoAgain » Wed May 11, 2022 5:10 pm

Three years ago I found myself under investiagtion (S47) having been accused of Child Sex Abuse. This concluded with No Further Action. Following this I went through the family courts, and two years later, after virtually every conceivable accusation, I was 'cleared' by a finding of facts hearing and a 'lives with both parents order made.

Almost to the day, three years after the initial accusations were first made, I once again found myself entertaining Social workers and Police Officers at my house, having been once again accused of Child Sex Abuse. Police are No Furhter Action, and i'm waiting from the all clear from Children's Services again very soon.

As part of this current investigation my daughter was subjected to a forensic examination.

My question is, how can I stop my ex from continuing to make false allegations which disrupt the children's lives and cause untold upset and stress!

I'm about to return to Court to try and address an unfair imbalance in the time that the children spend with me too - would this be a good place to raise this matter too?

Thank you!

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Re: Accusations AGAIN! How can I stop her?

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Thu May 19, 2022 1:02 pm

Dear HereWeGoAgain

Thank you for your post. My name is Suzie, I am an online adviser at the Family Rights Group and will be responding to your post today.

I am sorry to hear of your situation. It must be a stressful and difficult time for you and your family.

Children’s services are completing an assessment because you say your ex-partner has made a false allegation that you sexually abused your child. This is the second time this allegation has been made. The first time, a Section 47 enquiry and a police investigation was carried out and there was a finding of fact . As you may be aware, there are different considerations for the police and children’s services when dealing with issues such as this one. The police need to be sure there is sufficient evidence that would lead to a successful prosecution and the criminal test is beyond reasonable doubt. Children’s services are concerned with safeguarding children and the civil test is on the balance of probability meaning something is more likely to have happened than not. The finding of fact concluded in your favour and following this, through private law proceedings, a shared ‘lives with’ Child Arrangements Order was made.

You are seeking information on how you can stop your ex-partner from continuing to make what you say are false allegations. The allegations disrupt the children's lives and cause upset and stress to you all. You are in the process of going back to court to address what you see as an unfair imbalance regarding the time the children spend with you and your ex-partner and you want to know whether this would be an appropriate time to raise the matter of the sexual abuse allegation with the court.

From the information you have provided Children’s Services are yet to conclude their assessment. It would be a good idea to know the outcome of this before an application to court is made. It is likely that the court will want to know the outcome of the assessment and recommendations (if any). In respect of whether you should raise the alleged false allegations with the court. I would advise that in the first instance if you think someone has intentionally made a false report against you, you contact the police. If the police agree the person who made the report is harassing you they may decide to investigate. If this is decided information held by children’s services would be sought as part of their investigation.

I have added a link HERE , which will take you to our webpage for fathers. You will see a link to Where fathers can get further help and support. I hope you find this helpful.

Should you wish to speak to an adviser please call our free advice line: 0808 801 0366 (Mon to Fri 9.30a.m. – 3.00p.m excluding bank holidays). Or you can of course post again here.

Best wishes, Suzie

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Re: Accusations AGAIN! How can I stop her?

Post by benion » Sun Jun 19, 2022 6:52 pm

Sounds like your ex is emotionally abusing the children and attempting to alienate you from them. They may also be trying to frustrate contact with the children.
Unfortunately there is NOTHING you can do to stop these lies. However, what you must remember is that the more allegations with ZERO evidence to back them up and the professionals and judge will all be on YOUR side. Give this ex enough rope and let them hang themselves with their lies!

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