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Post by FGT676 » Wed Apr 13, 2022 7:19 pm

Hi i am looking for help.
Due to my mental health and turning to alcohol once since losing my nana my daughters went with their dad for a couple of weeks, we already have social services involved and they said it would be for a couple of weeks, ive done everything right that they have asked of me and now my ex hqs refused to return my children, social services have not got a court order and i feel they have lied to me as now my ex is saying hes their main parent/carer and hes applied for a new home and also their child tax element. Social services said if i done everything right then the girls would be okay with me, they have always said there is no significant risk with me but now they are saying that due to my mental healh they feel i wouldnt be able to provide a stable home, i have brought my daughters up alone and they are now 6 and 3, their dad is violent and we broke up due to his violence and cheating but they are saying they cant go off 'hearsay' but they have went off false reports qnd accusations against me. I have proved the accusations were untrue and ive done everything from getting support for mental health, alcohol when im emotional and domestic violence worries. I really need someone help me get my girls home as i have now been lied to and even though social services know of my concerns about my ex they still feel my girls should be with him .
I have a child arrangements order first hearing in 2 weeks and I'm worried that I may not get my girls home.Thankyou.

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Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Apr 20, 2022 12:31 pm

Dear FGT676

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Board.

You have said that children’s services had some concerns about your mental health and that they were involved with your daughters. From what you have written it may be that they ‘are less worried’ about your children now that they are in their father’s care.

The social workers involved may now consider the matter to be one that is between you and the father – a private matter. It may be a good idea to ask them for their views, what their role is now and whether they will support you to have the children returned to your care?

I would like to signpost you to information and support services that may be applicable to your situation.

For help with private law matters and the child arrangements order process you are in Child Law Advice may be the organisation for you. For help finding a solicitor the Law Society may be useful.

Advice Now has some useful documents and if you have to go to court without a solicitor Support Through Court may helpful to you.

Best wishes


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