Grandchildren in Care

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Grandchildren in Care

Post by Chaoticharmony » Tue Jan 11, 2022 4:33 pm

Hello there ,

I have recently lost my grandchildren into care in November 2021 where I had been approved as a long term foster carer in August 2021 yet the judge disregarded this information. The care plan was for the children to remain with me until 48hrs before going into court and they changed it for immediate removal of the children into general fostering.

I contacted my local MP in frustration and the LA used it in the court case which the judge said “ she felt it was my true feelings about the other grandmother “

There was no evidence of any wrong doing and I never had any inventions from the LA and my Supervising social worker never raised any concerns about my care with the children. They lived with me for 22 months and has never had stability until they moved in with me.

Judgement came they were going into general foster care.

We get the 1st judgement and we appealed it and then found out the judge didn’t record the judgement so another one was put together after all the appeals had gone in and now my solicitor and barrister have pulled out saying my case has no merit yet the other grandmother has received her appeal date and her appeal was very similar to mine.

I’m now stuck as I have no legal team and the LA lied on the stand.

I was advised several times wrongly during this case as it was suppose to be 26 weeks but this case started in April 2020 and ended November 2021.

I don’t get how a judge can ignore reg 24/ short term foster approval and long term foster approval abs never had any child protection or child in need in the 6.5 hrs of the eldest alive. No allegations made against me.

We had a total of 7 social workers and the latest one disliked me and she changed the care plan.

I see them every 3 hrs every 6 weeks supervised which is ridiculous and the LA knows the foster Carer is communicating with the other paternal side and they see the children.

I had a SGO that was said if my health was confirmed from the GP as ok it would become a positive SGO.

The children lived with me for the youngest half of her life and the eldest was just under 3 years but they lived 22 months with me .

As I was a foster Carer and had the grandchildren in my care can I apply for an SGO again as the children’s social worker doesn’t think I can do this?

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