Story of encouragement Wrongly Accused NAI

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Story of encouragement Wrongly Accused NAI

Post by Am743 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 3:47 am

This is for anyone who needs some reassurance or questions answered or comfort whatever the case may be as I was seeking that myself from forums alike.

The system sucks and unfortunately for me I got caught up in it all and wrongly accused of NAI.

I won't put too much detail but you can DM me. long story short 3month old hurt at home me and partner rushed to A&E to check over then accused of causing the harm taken away from our baby and arrested! Told we can't see little one without supervision almost forced into signing s20 papers after being threatened "If you don't we are taking you to court and taking your PR away". Police protection orders were in place and ICO in place.
Luckily little one placed with family member was the only positive at that time.
Everything was rushed and escalated to the highest they made us feel like we were murderer's.
My rights to breastfeed taken away and I just had to deal with it, we didn't feel listened to and simply told we were lying about cause of injury. I did not witness it yet still treated as a suspect throughout. I've read other stories where 1parent moves out of the home!? But no option for us.

It took 6months and finally got little one home as judge ruled it was indeed an accident. 5months of that was waiting for court date. L.A had nothing to even accuse us of in the end as it was all speculation.(The court cannot do this).

It's heartbreaking that families go through this..It WILL end. We have been through hell and back and will never get that time back.That day I had to walk away from my little baby in a time when they needed me most.
I've missed so much of their first year, our birthdays first Christmas without little one it's been so tough.

This has caused so much heartache for my family the VERY personal questions asked, the scaremongering from SS they have shown no empathy. And a huge turnover of staff.
It's put strain on relationships with partner and the family when we had no issues before, all this caused and we just get 'sorry that's the system'.
Unfortunately it's all about how you present; drink, drugs, appearance, where you live, whether you work, debt, past history etc can all be used against you. And it is scary that people could be telling the truth yet any of those factors could aid someone's opinion of you.
The fact that hospital staff are allowed to discriminate and make assumptions about others and jump the gun without thinking due to covid and DV cases not even giving proper thought into how they could ruin people's lives is disgusting.
Not everything is DV or abuse.

Once care proceedings start from my experience all you can do is ride it out; it's painful but that is all you can do until your final hearing or fact find whatever it may be. Focus on those visits with little one. And always work with the L.A as that goes in your favour.

This is meant to be somewhat positive and I hope gives some hope.
If anyone knows what could be done afterwards in terms of complaint would be helpful.? Would I even get anywhere ?
All the best to those going through it..Be Strong X.

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Re: Story of encouragement Wrongly Accused NAI

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Mar 08, 2021 12:21 pm

Dear AM743,
Welcome to the Parents Forum and thank you for posting about your experience.
I cannot imagine how difficult things must have been at this time for you and your family. Thank you for giving helpful advice for parents in similar situations as well as hope. You ask about lodging a complaint against children services. You could check your local authority complaints procedure. Usually, complaints are not dealt with when there are court proceedings because information is dealt with by the court and any complaints might be “resolved” via the proceedings. Here is our advice sheet about complaints.

Kind regards,

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Re: Story of encouragement Wrongly Accused NAI

Post by ParentInNeed50 » Sat Mar 13, 2021 10:42 am

Sorry to hear your story.

Can I ask what nai is?

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Re: Story of encouragement Wrongly Accused NAI

Post by HH_Dad » Sun Mar 14, 2021 9:25 am

NAI = Non-Accidental Injury. When they say that, they are basically accusing you.

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Re: Story of encouragement Wrongly Accused NAI

Post by Innocentmamas » Sun Nov 14, 2021 1:30 pm

My partner and I are in the process of proving we did not intentionally harm one of our twins. Nobody will actually say so, but we are being accused of a NAI. We are being treated like criminals. Would love to speak with you if possible. X

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Re: Story of encouragement Wrongly Accused NAI

Post by Missing_two » Wed Nov 17, 2021 1:58 am

Thank you for your words - in terms of what u can do go to a big no win no fee solicitor and sue the pants off SS as I will be doing when I get my little ones back

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