Illegal section 47 policy in *** involving strategy meetings

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Illegal section 47 policy in *** involving strategy meetings

Post by DifficultCase » Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:56 pm

Hello all,

Although I believe my case is extraordinary, it is one I expect to battle on my own because it would need experts to go through the case properly, not perhaps ask here. I also don't have the legal right to show documents or speak about my case. I face the challenge that social services don't look at any primary source evidence so I am left a very small time in court to do so. This is extremely difficult, as other professionals are reliant on them investigating. I am in the unusual position of having upset a social worker so hard about something unrelated to my son unintentionally involving her, you have a snowball of negligence to cover up negligence over fear. They did not expect me to fight back to the level I have or expect some successes. They took this to such extremes my son has almost died twice and though I am estranged from my child's mother and care of my son has fallen to me and my side of the family, I can at least recognise that they enabled a incredibly long term very mentally unwell mother when they should have been helping her, to the extent she has now lost her child as primary carer and lost all rights forever. She never had a chance. My son almost never had a chance. They would like the narrative to be that anyone but them are the cause for my child's suffering so have promoted conflict to try encourage some sort of self fulfilling prophecy. Thus they have committed a ridiculous number of crimes out of this fear of being found negligent even when they didn't have to and could have used official procedures to achieve the same disastrous results. The confusion is so extreme, I wouldn't know what people could do. I have some background being around lawyers on political cases through very rare lucky life experiences to see how law operates in this country as it is made, interpreted and fought for and against to recognise it's fluidity and history. I also got to support on the ground with practical issues to see intimately how issues affected real people. It means I am able to fight back a little better than most, but it also means I know that justice is not given unfortunately and it can sometimes be down to sheer luck it happens at all.

However I do believe there are things one can change outside of my case that are obvious problems that shouldn't require any need to frighten any professional that they will suddenly have jobs fired for some oversight. I thought that there was a clear open and shut issue that could be remedied for children in general in the borough. I have been proven very wrong. There is an illegal policy in *** that only this borough in the whole of the UK operates. They broke other laws, but this one is clear public policy on their website. It contravenes pg41 of the Working Together To Safeguard Children Act 2018 and several parts of the *** Safeguarding Strategic Partnership. At a strategy meeting for section 47s, it is mandatory that you need to invite senior police, social workers and relevant health professionals. It is recommended you invite all other professionals of other departments currently in a child's life. *** policy is that relevant health professionals are only recommended, not mandatory. This may seem like a small point, but a safeguarding lead paediatrician has their own set of safeguarding policies that you remove with them and this includes the best place decision as to whether a child needs a forensic doctor or not. This could be a child's one chance that year/s, to discover abuse on their body or mind with dialogue if there is any. Not doing so has knock on effects as it means they are not automatically informed of a history of serious allegations in paediatric assessments that follow a child entering in Child Protection, leaving them ill informed of what to look for. It is not necessary by law for them to be informed by social services of section 47s if they are not involved with them. I remember the confusion of the NSPCC who first went through the strategy meeting notes with me over the phone how this was possible. I have had a direct response from their Families and Children Director in a FOI who confirmed that they must follow the statute. I have had different department professionals within *** recognise it's illegality. However I have found that with or without mentioning my own case, any organisation internal or external to social services, independent or government, will push this petition to make them aware of an illegal policy either pushed into being seen as a complaint even if there is no reference to a case; or said it is not their problem. Neither do they want to find the person whose problem it is to let them know. There is a wish to unsee an illegal policy that affects 1000s children over the years rather than a sort of rush to alert colleagues, distant ones or not, that perhaps they need to rectify a mistake. I have had sympathy from Ofsted whose internal whistleblowing department had no idea what to do as it's beyond normal insane and they did want to find out about it. They did forward it to Southwark's internal complaints departments whom are taking it up, but you still have an illegal policy you don't need my case to look at. The aim of a complaint is for your case only.

*** social services and other departments don't seem to want to change their policy because I specifically have brought it up, not them. Now the issue is there are a 1000 section 47s almost every year and that means perhaps a 1000 children being illegally half safeguarded because people care more about being found negligent or being too involved more than they have to. If I gave the circumstances of my child's case on strategy meetings on that subject alone on all major procedures they broke and how many other professionals they disregarded, including police and senior hospital staff as an example, most of you would be having kittens. Most of those professionals are still ignorant because they thought their decisions were naturally acted upon. They also never followed the other recommendations for inviting other professionals from other departments in my child's life. They have broken the same laws again this year despite and agreement on the illegality of the policy prior.

What I want to know is any route known in order to force a policy change through an agency with power. As much as it is me claiming the illegality, I only choose to pursue this particular matter because of how clearly illegal it is and having it confirmed it is. Which is why I am so adamant it changes. I don't want similar experiences for other children as my child has suffered needlessly. There is no way that my child almost dying was not preventable and the mental suffering a very little child has suffered is beyond what I have suffered in my whole life. This was unnecessary. ... hildren--2 ... ian_to_a_2 ... ng-1751598

Yours sincerely


*** The area referred to has been anonymised to preserve confidentiality.

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Re: Illegal section 47 policy in *** involving strategy meetings

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Jun 18, 2021 3:52 pm

Dear Difficult case,

Welcome to the Parents Forum and thank you for your post. I am Suzie, Family Rights Group’s online adviser.

I am sorry to hear about the serious incidents that have happened that impacted your son. You say he nearly died on 2 occasions, and you believe this is due to the negligence of children services. Thankfully, he is safe now.

I can see that you have already made a complaint on the advice of the NSPCC. Here is information about how children services complaints procedures work.

At the end of the complaints process, if you are not happy about the outcomes at the different stages, the Local Government Ombudsman will look at your complaint. If the ombudsman agrees with you, he can make recommendations to the local authority that may result in changes to their policy.

You could also take up your case with your local MP who could take up your concerns with senior managers in your local authority.

You say your son nearly died as a result of the local authority’s policy. There are processes outlined in Working Together 2018 at page 81 onwards about child safeguarding practice reviews when a child has died or suffered serious harm whilst known to children services. See page 84 for purpose of this type of review. I am not sure if this is relevant to what your son experienced.

Finally, your local authority will also have a safeguarding children’s partnership which is involved in drafting policy that covers children services and the other organisations such as the police. Have a look at their website to see whether you are able to contact them about your concern.

I hope my advice helps but if you need further advice, please post again.

Best wishes,


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Re: Illegal section 47 policy in *** involving strategy meetings

Post by Missing_two » Wed Nov 10, 2021 5:12 am

This could be me writing this post
The section 47 was done without me even knowing or those u state should be present at the meeting
I have to experiences of their negligence and lack of taking responsibility for not doing what was laid out at the start and had led to the uneeded removal of 2 out of my 5 children I love to liase with you in more depth and help you

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