Special Guardianship failed

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Special Guardianship failed

Post by Muffinface » Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:53 am

I have two children staying in foster care after a special guardianship placement has not worked out. Social services originally got involved because of ex partner, who they said posed a risk due to alleged history of DV with his ex and mental health issues. My 3rd child got placed in foster care 1day after birth. Both me and him have worked together with Social Services and my now youngest child has been placed with me, under an agreement with SS for me and the baby’s father to not be in a relationship and not allow Andy additional contact. My youngest child’s social worker wants to recommend him to be returned tome permanently at the final court hearing which is in September. My other 2 children are under a different Local authority which I struggle dealing with. I would like my other 2 children 2 be returned to me as soon as possible but I don’t understand my rights and the local authorities rights since the special guardianship order has failed to work, what does that mean for me? They have restricted my contact to the children to 6 times a year reasoning that the children were getting very upset and struggling with behaviour issues while at the special guardianship placement. Before they were placed there they were at a foster carer and we had contact multiple times a week and the children never had these issues. To me the behaviour issues were caused by the strict contact restrictions because the children were missing me and addressed wrong. What are my option now to get more contact with the kids as I would like to apply to the court to get them back Home once my youngest is placed permanently with me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Special Guardianship failed

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Jul 02, 2021 3:16 pm

Dear Muffinface,

Welcome to the Parents Forum. I am Suzie Family Rights Group’s online adviser.

I can see what a difficult time you have had over the last few year due to the domestic violence you and your children have suffered. All your children have been subject to care proceedings. The older two were placed with special guardians but are now back in the care of the local authority. Your youngest is subject to care proceedings taken by a different local authority. You have worked so well with children services and have separated from father to protect your baby that the plan now is for baby to remain living with you. This is very good news. You have clearly worked very well with children services in very difficult circumstances.

I can see that when your older children were removed from you, they had been placed with special guardians. At this time, your contact with them was reduced to only 6 times a year. The placement with the special guardians has now broken down and your older children are back in foster care. You believe the placement breakdown was due to the reduction in their contact with you.

You ask about your options for increasing the level of contact with your children. You hope they will be reunited home with you-as the risk to your children has gone.
As your children are back in care they are now “looked after children” (LAC) and will have a care plan which is regularly reviewed at a LAC review meeting. The care plan covers health, schooling, where children live but also what contact they have with parents and friends and family. Here is information about LAC review meetings.

What are their plans for contact? I suggest you ask the children’s social worker for an assessment for increased contact. It sounds like your children are “accommodated” with foster carers. This means the local authority have not gone to court. The special guardians are agreeing to the children being in care. Children services should be promoting contact between you and your children.
Here are tips about asking for increased contact .

Ask the social worker or the independent reviewing officer about the future plans for your children. Do they intend to return them to the special guardians? If not, are the local authority going to take care proceedings so they can make further plans for your children? Are they considering the children being returned to you? You also have legal options to apply to court. I advise you to speak to your solicitor about these.
I hope my advice helps but if you need further advice, please post again.
Best wishes,

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