Advocate for CIN meeting

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Advocate for CIN meeting

Post by Miche2207 » Tue May 04, 2021 2:19 pm

Hi there,

We have been given no choice than to attend a CIN meeting planned for tomorrow with little notice but I have been advised by a lawyer to get someone to attend with us, partly because I’m Autistic/ADHD and my working memory isn’t good and partly to ensure we have a true account as they actually put details of other children, some of whom we don’t even know, in their assessment report?
This is urgent so would really appreciate some help
Thank you,
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Re: Advocate for CIN meeting

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Thu May 06, 2021 3:46 pm

Dear Miche2207,

Welcome to the parents' board and thank you for your post.

You say that you have a child in need meeting scheduled for tomorrow, for which you have been given very little notice. You have been advised to have somebody independent attend the meeting with you as you have a diagnosis of ADHD/Autism, and to have an accurate representation of what happens at the meeting.

Children's services should support any parent who may benefit from the support of an advocate. In the case of parents who have a learning disability or difficulty, there is specific good practice guidance, which you can find here. One aspect of this is providing independent advocacy from an early stage.

Given that you have been given short notice of the child in need meeting, I would advice that you speak to the social worker as soon as possible about accessing an independent advocate. The social worker should be able to support you in doing this. You may want to suggest that the child in need meeting be rearranged so as to accommodate your request.

You may also find it helpful to read more about children's services should support parents who have learning difficulties here. Take a look at our useful links page for other organisations who may be able to help.

Best wishes,


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Re: Advocate for CIN meeting

Post by Miche2207 » Mon May 17, 2021 8:48 pm

Hi Suzy,

In the end I got an independent social worker who attended the meeting which was so rushed it was over 2 in the end. I was only recently dx ASD/ADHD as was my daughter at 13.

What is bad is that I know that this is meant to be voluntary and yet although I have voiced our lack of trust and equally lack of need for their services, we have them anyway because the use of threats of CP leaves one with fear and uncertainty worse than the alternative.

I am not impressed with how the services work and have already had to report a huge data breach, involving naming others children, it doesn’t leave one feeling much trust.

Being forced into anything isn’t nice, being forced to work with people who are strangers and don’t document the truth in context is worse.

Thank you for responding.
M 🙂

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