Scared mum in need of advice

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Scared mum in need of advice

Post by BCN71 » Wed Aug 05, 2020 10:16 pm

Hi my son is currently on a intermit care order.
Social servives have always took my sons dad side as he has alot of family who with himself control me bully me and constant malicious reports. My son was taken as i got into a relationship with someone who had been done for previously being a dominant in dv but never shown any aggression towards myself or my son,my anger as i kicked off with my son present because social services were forever turning up and instead of talking to me accusing me. I have been told for over a year (before my son was taken he was taken in june) that i needed to do freedom programme, and anger management counciling etc (as my first little boy passed away 6 years before my 2nd son was born) but nothing has happened i haven't seen my son due to covid so i have 20 minutes video call 3 times a week my son has asked numerous times to come home and broke down to the point he was struggling for breaths hes only 3. I have sorted anger management sessions out myself,fount and completed the triple p parenting course my self and also accessed and started the freedom programme myself jobs which the worker was meant to do!! I have also fully decorated my sons bedroom new car bed as he loves cars and new chest of draws i never used to take on advice or work with professionals but i have done every appointment and everything chucked at me im currently doing parenting assessments with my social worker even though ive done so much im.scared its not going to help me in court and the judge wont be bothered im trying to stay strong byt I'm breaking down everyday my son is all i have hes my absolute world 😔😔 they was given the 26 week intermit order and the judge said for professionals to encourage and support that it wasnt rhe final outcome as i was so broken and upset but am scared he isnt going to come home 😓😓😓 ive heard the saying judges dont want to remove children from there mum but i dunno how true it is

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Re: Scared mum in need of advice

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Tue Aug 18, 2020 2:47 pm

Dear BCN71

I am replying to this post together with your most recent post from the 14th August so please check that response.

Best wishes


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