Tried to revoke both Co and placement order and failed but

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Tried to revoke both Co and placement order and failed but

Post by A123 » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:32 pm

I successfully was granted leave in May last year to try an revoke both orders but failed apparently due to lack of time I was recommended DBT therapy back in preceedings in 2018 I done a year privately funded by myself had glowing reports never missed a session had a positive psychological (1st in 2018 was shocking, 2nd a year later positive) finished my therapy same time as court finished in December 2019 but failed to revoke the order so my daughter got placed in March after telling the judge she would be placed way before that, I'm now waiting for her adopter to apply for the order but I'm wondering what more changes do they want me to make I obviously proved significant changes to have permission to revoke the orders last year, this year I have already undergone surgery to remove metal work from a car accident 3 years ago which constantly gets used against me in evidence last year the LAs legal team wanted to know what I would do if my daughter run off as I physically couldn't run due to the position of the metal, I've proved I don't have any mental health issues I'm just at a loss of what other parts of my life I need to change

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Re: Tried to revoke both Co and placement order and failed but

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:17 pm

Dear A123

Thank you for your posting.

I see that you were able to challenge the care and placement orders relating to your daughter in May of last year. Unfortunately, you were unsuccessful in your application to revoke the orders.

It is not clear from your post why the court decided that it was not in your daughter’s interest to return to your care, despite the changes you said you made and led to you being given permission to make the application to revoke. The court would, I believe, have carefully considered what you achieved and looked at the welfare of your daughter and how best this would be satisfied in the long term. As the court did not revoke the order, having taken into account the case you presented as well as the views of children’s services and the children’s guardian, I can only assume that there were issues still of concern in respect of your ability to safely parent your daughter, although you may not agree.

The court would have considered your physical and mental health and how this would impact on your daughter’s welfare. I am sorry that despite your hard work you were not able to change the plan for adoption.

Your daughter has now been placed with the adopters and they will in time make an application to the court for an adoption order. You will receive notice of this application and have the opportunity to attend court. Please read our advice sheet Adoption: what does it mean for birth parents?

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to say what further changes you can make as the court has considered what you have already done and make a decision. You would need to look at the reasons given by the court why the order could not be revoked.

You can ask for someone to assist and support you about the adoption of your daughter.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


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