How to get through this?

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How to get through this?

Post by worriedmother9 » Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:25 pm

It all started 23rd June, but in reality started when we bought our baby a play pen, in order to keep her safe. Our baby was 7 months old then, on track for a lot of milestones and flourishing. On this day, i had got up with the baby at 6am and by the time she was ready for her nap, i was ready for a nap too. My partner got up with the baby and this is where our situation with social services, hospital and court started. My partner put the baby in the playpen, just as he put the dog outside, and when he came back, she had rolled over and got stuck. Emotionally reacting like she was in imediate danger, he twisted her round by her leg, and pulled her towards him. In order to grab her out of the playpen. During this, he heard a crack of her leg. Now, straight away he told me about the noise in the leg and that he was worried, but did not tell me the whole story until 2 days later. So, during that day, he was saying that he was worried and i was looking out for signs she wasnt well, or in discomfort or pain. I didnt see any signs at this point. She slept fine, ate fine, I even took her to see my mam and dad, where she was fine. It wasnt until 9.30pm, when she woke up, which she wouldnt usually do, that i now saw that this was odd. We phoned 111 and was advised to go to a and e. We went for an x ray, where it was concerned that my baby had suffered a fracture of her femur. We sat in a hospital room for hours, while the baby slept. That was until a social worker and 6 police officers turned up. Taking the baby, making her cry, and taking my partner and i away in handcuffs. Since then we saw our baby 3 times a week for 4 hours in total, in hospital. Then in a contact centre, as she has gone to foster care. I over think everything, and worry why she was taken to foster care, when i put great family members forward, to be assesed, with nit picky reasons why they couldnt. We have been nothing but complient throughout. Have been completely honest throughout and just looking for reasurace, if anything. Has anyone been through some thing that was accidental, and getting through it with a positive outcome. Does anyone have any hints or tips, or advice how we are going to get through this, i would be so greatful. Thanks in advance

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Re: How to get through this?

Post by Dunjamon » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:01 am

We are in a very similar position and the whole system to me feels like it has been made to destroy families. We are struggling to find any kind of support or other families who have been through the same process.

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