Could I possibly get custody of a child?

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Could I possibly get custody of a child?

Post by herc » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:16 pm

Hello. Me (father) and my partner (mother) are living together and have a 6 months old son. We both are biological parents. I am starting to see that this might not work out, so I am thinking to eventually split up, but I want my son with me. My partner would definitely want son staying with her.
  • We are not married and never were; We do live together.
  • We live in UK, but we both are citizens of another European country (Baby was born in UK).
  • I worked 5 years in UK, my partner worked about 6 months.
  • My English is good, her English is basic and maybe even worse.
  • I have university degree in UK, my partner doesn't.
  • Neither of us are working at the moment, but I am looking for a job as recently graduated.
  • Baby has my surname.
These are all the facts I can think of. There is no physical violence in the family or towards the baby, and overall, I think my partner is a good mom, but the problem is in our relationship. I was hoping that the fact that our son has my surname would really benefit me in the process of taking custody of a baby? Also, I think it would be hard for her with basic English to deal with everything in regards to baby, but then, she might just say that she would return to her home country to raise a child?

I want to mention final thing. We had quite a few fights overall and you might find it extremely strange, but our last fight was conspiracy related. She believes in all current conspiracies. Not that she just believes it, she thinks that is the truth and the only truth possible. I don't mind that, but I don't like her calling other people who don't believe in her conspiracies sheep, reptilians or morons. So if I say it's might not be true, she just attacks me.
I don't think she is mentally ill, definitely not. She just really wanted to believe it. I just put it here in case this could potentially benefit me as well in court? For example, I don't like her watching this stuff half of the day while baby is in one room with her.

I am not planning to go through process of taking custody of the child right now, but potentially in several months. Can you please let me know, from the provided facts, if there would be a chance for me to win the process and take care of the child on my own?

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Re: Could I possibly get custody of a child?

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:00 am

Dear herc,
Welcome to the parents Forum. My name is Suzie, Family Rights Group online adviser.

We advise families about children services and although I have some knowledge about private law proceedings, I cannot give detailed advice. I suggest you contact the Child Law Advice Line or Families Need fathers. Advice Now have guides about making arrangements for children.

Best wishes,

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