Husband charged with possession of iioc

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Husband charged with possession of iioc

Post by Annie1969 » Tue Dec 15, 2020 11:51 pm

Really don’t know where to begin..husband received a letter today informing him after 12 long heartbreaking months that he was being charged for having iioc on his phone,
This came about when he downloaded kik and someone sent him a puesdo image.he deleted it but left the application open which then led to thousands of images being sent to his phone.
He’s been allowed contact in the community with our daughter but no contact at home or even allowed home until I can show social worker that I can protect our daughter and that I can understand that because of the nature of the offence that he poses a assessment has been done , I’ve created a family safety plan which I’ve handed over to the social worker but that was two weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing from her since even though she was meant to contact me last week regarding outstanding work she needed to do with me..she told me that in terms of the work that still needed to be done it would only take two sessions with me and would be done by Xmas.
I’ve messaged her repeatedly since last Friday and I’ve heard nothing from her not even today when I informed her that mybhusband had been charged.he’s devastated to think that even after me creating a family safety plan, he won’t be allowed home now because he’s been charged , he wants to be here at Xmas but unless social worker gets moving that looks like it’ll never happen..even after me creating a family safety plan, and assuring social worker that it will be followed regliously, can she still prevent my husband from returning home now he’s been charged and given a court date?
I’m scared of what the future holds , is it going to get into the local paper?
Will we have to move away?
My heart is broken and I’m on my own where I live except for one good friend ..
I feel deep down that some of my family don’t want to understand as they never ask me how I am.
And to make it even more awkward, my husband is bailed to my dad’s home address..husband and myself feel that my dad doesn’t really want husband there but just won’t admit it

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Re: Husband charged with possession of iioc

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Dec 25, 2020 12:53 am

Dear Annie1969,

Welcome to the parents’ board.

Your husband has recently been charged with possession of IIOC. He is currently having contact with your daughter in the community, but not at home. The social worker has stated that your husband cannot enter your home until they are satisfied that you are able to sufficiently protect your daughter against the risk he poses. An assessment has been completed and you have developed a family safety plan. The social worker has also said they would like to complete some work with you, however this is outstanding, and you are having trouble getting in touch with them. You would like your husband to come home for Christmas, and are concerned this may not happen now. You would like to know if your husband can be prevented from returning home and are worried about the future holds.

Firstly, is your daughter on a child in need or child protection plan? In any case, your husband has been charged with an offence that has caused children’s services to see him as a risk to your daughter. Children’s services have a duty to safeguard your daughter and have therefore asked that your husband has contact with your daughter in the community and does not return home. It is positive that you have created a safety plan and I would encouraged you to discuss this with the social worker in order to establish whether it is satisfactory in keeping your daughter safe should your husband return to the home over the Christmas period. Do your husband’s bail conditions permit him to return home and have contact with your daughter?

The social worker may be satisfied that the safety plan you have proposed is sufficient, or they may think that your husband still poses too high of a risk. You say that an assessment has taken place, but has there been a specific risk assessment of your husband? If not, it may be beneficial to request one from the social worker. Whilst the social worker cannot physically stop your husband from coming to your home, if you were to act in a way that they do not assess to be in your daughter’s best interests, they could take further action by initiating care proceedings. For more information on this, take a look at our advice sheet on child protection procedures.

With regards to your other questions, I cannot reliably say how your husband’s case will be reported in the press.

It is clear this is a stressful and challenging time for you. Have you considered a family group conference? This might be a helpful way of discussing how your wider network can support you to keep your daughter safe. You can read more about family group conferences here

I would also recommend speaking to the Lucy Faithfull Foundation who advise when there is risk of child sexual abuse.

If you would like to speak with any of our advisers, feel free to call our confidential advice line on 0808 801 0366 between 09:30am and 3pm Mon - Fri. Please note that we are now closed until 4th January 2021.

I hope you have found this helpful.

Best wishes,


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