Abuse of SGO + International Element

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Abuse of SGO + International Element

Post by mika1803 » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:01 pm

Hi everyone,

I would like some advice for my partner's child. Here are some key points on the matter:
1. Child is 2 years old and is living with Maternal Grandmother (MGM) as a result of proceedings because Mother was deemed unfit to raise the child due to severe mental health issues and made false allegations against Father (all of which were proven to be untrue in court) and the local authorities were more in favour of MGM (as she has worked with local authorities as a foster carer for over 20 years) than Father and his mother (Paternal Grandmother).
2. Court also granted MGM permission to relocate overseas as MGM wishes to retire elsewhere but the UK.
3. Father regretted his decision letting MGM be the SGO at the Child's 1st birthday party where he witnessed the MGM allowing her daughter, the Mother behave inappropriately in front of the Child and being abusive towards Father.
4. MGM "relocated" overseas late 2019 with Child
5. MGM returned to the UK in July 2020 with Child
6. Father has spoken to MGM on numerous occasions to work together so that he can have a more fulfilling relationship with his Child. MGM did not want to cooperate because of the Mother.

MGM has limited Father's contact time with his Child to once a week for a mere 2 hours, what relationship can a Father form with his Child from this? Father has offered on numerous occasions to pay for the Child's items but MGM refused to accept his offer. MGM does not want Father to introduce anyone to his Child and has only limited visits from his side of the family to Father and Paternal Grandmother.

Since July 2020, numerous incidents, serious incidents (which could have permanently injured the Child) have occurred which has led Father to believe that MGM is incapable of safeguarding the Child and is incapable of raising his Child.

Father has since sought out legal advice to see what he can do, and upon his solicitor writing to MGM to extend contact time, MGM retaliated and ceased all contact and communication with Father. Father then sought to discharge the SGO and implement a Prohibited Steps Order in order to prevent MGM from fleeing the country when proceedings are ongoing. This has been brought to court twice, to prove the Child's habitual residence in the UK and despite strong cases and arguments made on the Father's side, the UK courts decided that the Child's habitual residence is no longer in the UK.

To make things worse, MGM has made numerous false allegations against the Father, claiming that his Child does not recognise him and that the Child cries in his presence and throwing words such as "hostile", "bully", "abusive" when all the Father wanted was to give his Child the world and give her opportunities to learn and experience new things. Father has always been polite to MGM. Father has evidence that MGM has been acting inappropriately but the UK courts are unable to see this and they have refused to entertain Father's application because they simply believe that the Child does not have habitual residence in the UK anymore. Father's mental health is severely impacted from the hearing as he was emotionally abused by MGM, Mother and the Barrister.

MGM is heavily under the influence of the Mother who is incapable of seeing what's best for the Child. Mother is still reciting and repeating the same false allegations from previous court proceedings.

Currently, Father does not know when he is seeing his Child again. MGM has refused to disclose information on the Child's whereabouts in the UK, and refused to disclose any important information surrounding the Child's well-being.

We are trying very hard to get this back into court but it's only a matter of weeks before the MGM will leave the country again with the Child and my partner will be left heartbroken all over again.

Any advice or even words of support will be great!

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Re: Abuse of SGO + International Element

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Dec 09, 2020 1:11 pm

Dear Mika1803

Please see my response on 2 December to your post.

Best wishes


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