Prejudice Social Worker ++

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Prejudice Social Worker ++

Post by Normal Grandad » Tue May 01, 2018 4:17 pm

Hello, I am new here but I intend to hang around for ever. Thank you for providing a place for us to talk, be heard, and document the ongoing outrageous system against innocent people.

I am a grandad approaching 50 years of age. Seperated for 17 years from Nan (Nanny A), always friendly and I could have my kids any time (_always_ the entire weekend it happily turned out).
My daughter is 23, mother of 3 children (5, 3, and 2), plus 6 months pregnant with new partner.
The father of my grandchildren is a year or two younger than my daughter. He is diagnosed with ADHD, and much worse mental health conditions still.
They were together from early teens - where they met when my daughter and I were transfered to a larger home - until around one year ago when they split up.

Since the breakup of my daughter and her ex partner, the *several* different social workers have increasingly been overly harsh and extremely unfair/biased/out-of-order.
Initially my daughter had the children staying with her mother (Nanny A) and her sister, but SS seamed to have issues with this over nothing, and were making up excuses (see Court Guardian visit below).
The grandchildren are currently placed with the father's mother (Nanny B), by an initial bogus court hearing (see below).
My daughter hardly gets to spend any time at all with her children, just 90 minutes on a Wednesday at their school, and 3 hours on a Friday to take them to see their nan (A).
I don't get to see them at all anymore :( Over the last year I have seen them just one handful of times. Previously I would see them twice per week, every week.
The father gets to spend way more time with his children, even getting to go to a *day* at the zoo.
My daughter wouldn't even have time to get to a zoo and back, not that the current social worker would even permit such a thing.

List of people who were assessed by current social worker to 'supervise' my daughter with her own children :/
My eldest daughter, my youngest daughter, my daughter's current partner (this was recently changed, so strike that), *all* of the father's family including more diagnosed mental health people.

List of people who were assessed by current social worker who are *NOT* permitted to 'supervise' my daughter with her own children :/
Myself, my son, NannyA (due to serious illness).

Now, considering that I used to be a private-hire driver (taxi driver), and was cleared to drive a cab in a ***** to Asda and back, and have been self-employed since for another five years, I don't understand why I can not be trusted with MY OWN family?
My son is a builder for almost two years at the same work placement from the college. None of us have any record of wrong doings.

So, my daughter and her ex (the father) were often 'bickering', but for sure his ADHD would make a passer-by see things worse than they were plus perhaps not know who had issues. The social services got themselves involved due to malicious neighbours complaining about hearing arguing each time over the years. The 'plan' went on forever, eventually my daughter was getting frustrated that it never seemed to end, but that didn't help things and all social workers involved (forever changing) did appear to be harsh with my daughter, even though it was clear to me at least that her efforts were wholesome. My daughter always puts her children first, this is not how the SW portays things though, she dodges/ignores anything positive, even frowning.

Before all of that, when just the first grandchild was a baby, the three of them lived at my place (my daughter already did).
One morning, I was woken by an argument between them. I got up, walked to the kitchen and on the way said "... can I have the phone charger please", perhaps hoping they would calm down a bit too. At that point, I looked in to see him (the father) having a fit (some sort of attack in his head while ranting etc.), then he ran towards me and tried to strangle me! I don't know if he succeeded and this reality is some twisted form of Hell, but apparently I punched him in the nose to get him off me, puched him again as now my life felt in real danger, then he kinda vanished as he ran away out of the house to his mum's (Nanny B) around the corner. I *immediately* dialed emergency services and the police soon arrived...

After talking with my daughter and myself in seperate rooms, we then gathered in the living room at which point my daughter asked me not to prosecute her boyfriend. I was confused but also knew that she seemed to not want me to, so I didn't. In hindsight I am glad for my other grandchildren's existance and wouldn't change that if I could. Also I gave the young lad a generous second chance at life, all everyone ever did was good things for him (I charged no rent for example), he never respected that. Anyway, I thought the police would prosecute him themselves, they had the evidence from him and everyone, they knew him already.

The reason I go in to detail about that, is because this is the main reason why I "failed" the evaluation? Apparently I can not be trusted to report any future incidents? erm, what?
The other reason is that the father claims that *I* might have mental health issues. Sorry but this is pathetic, a man could lose faith over this (actually I have now lost faith, I no longer respect God and the Devil are good/bad, they, if exist, are as *bad* as each other), seriously. That guy is crazier than anyone I have ever spoken with, he milks the system and admits his strange ways quite openly, how can a 'professional' social worker even take him seriously? There are a string of mistakes by the current SW, I only hope that my daughter's solicitor ups their game because last time they sent some new guy down from up the line, who was (no offence) fresh out of college.

I swear, the moment I walked in to the SW's meeting room, the woman had an extremely (preconcieved) funny tone in her voice. It was clear as day a bad attitude, yet I was expecting to be treated impartially and professionally. I told the SW that I wasn't comfortable with her tone, and there was no need for it. She then changed her tone to a somewhat patronising voice. It was quite ammateur to be honest, but I answer all of her loaded questions in full, and even felt that she was completely empathising with my side of things throughout. Yet she couldn't have been more treacherous.

We now have less than five (5) weeks until first some preliminary court case, and then the 5-day serious court case. Suddenly this Friday just gone, we find out that *again* the SW has moved the case to a court which is like 40 miles (not checked but it takes a train and *then* a bus) away from our *main* city (as seen on UK weather map) which we live in. Last time she (the same SW) did this at the last minute, and I wasn't even able to attend the hearing. She claimed it was an emergency, so that's how she managed to get all of her *EX COLLEAGUES* from *that* precise area, to work around her bent will. It was a complete farce, several other things happened but this post is long enough already. And I might save some facts for when I take this to the high courts when I'm 100 years old...

The Court Guardian visited my daughter's mother (Nanny A), sat in a chair next to her bed for a very long time, and was more than happy the house was decent, as are the people. He claims not to understand why the SW isn't being reasonable. He also spoke with me at another time, and again was more than happy. I presume that he only 'protects' civil servants?

I will not rest, if it takes the rest of my life, to get justice. I want my grandchildren back with the mother. We were always fair with them, they never even turned up half of the time, always excuses, never like us who couldn't wait to see our loved ones again, for a moment.

I have asked my daughter to also create an account here, and join in with posting her thoughts, and hopefully answering any questions from anyone who is kind enough to spare their time. I shall myself keep this thread up to date for as long as it takes. Perhaps one day I shall be in a position to hire four lawyers, or perhaps that can't happen now as this has all changed our lives in such dramatic ways. (it made me homeless after the trauma, I couldn't earn, my daughter moved out, I couldn't afford 'bedroom tax', neighbours again were racist imo, I was evicted after one year).

I can only hope that this is some modern version of the "short sharp shock", but anyone listening, this is not helping anyone. We were all happy, the kids were always smiling and loving, things are apparently not the same since, there is absolutely no way that the SW has protected the children. In my opinion this SW should have her honours stripped, and certainly not be promoted to manager soon (she promised the SW won't change again, but here we are, again). England, I was born here, but also I do expect my human rights to see my family as an innocent man. My daughter needs her offspring too, it goes without saying but seriously, this is a farce. I think the world should know this case.

***edited by Suzie to comply with the forum's rule about confidentiality.

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Re: Prejudice Social Worker ++

Post by Normal Grandad » Thu May 03, 2018 11:58 pm I have a bunch of questions which I intend to post tomorrow, also my daughter's account should in theory be activated by then.

Firstly, though, should we provide more details (how and why the children were wrongly taken twice, for example) while the hearing is still incoming, or is it _required_ that we wait until after the hearing?

We don't want to wait because we don't trust anyone anymore, they have taken advantage of us multiple times. We would rather not risk regretting waiting, and discuss the events in advance. I want all eyes on this case please, before the system abuses our family again.

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Re: Prejudice Social Worker ++

Post by Normal Grandad » Sun May 06, 2018 10:49 am

I'm the only post on the main board that isn't getting a reply?

You know what I want...It is to be assigned the right to supervise my daughter with my grandchildren. I told the SW this, how I am now inspired to drive again (since taxi). A driver can have 4 passengers, but this means there isn't enough room unless I was the driver. So instead, my daughter has to pay a premium each time for a Hackney cab.

Why am I looking at the main page and seeing the admin are actively avoiding this thread? The other sub-forum's top post are all lit up like a Christmas tree each time. I guess Suzie (admin) has her work cut out, but what is going on here...anyone else care to help me not feel like I'm on my own (literally)??? Please.

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Re: Prejudice Social Worker ++

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri May 11, 2018 3:18 pm

Hi Normal granddad,

I apologise for the delay in responding to your post.
Our service is very busy at the moment and we try to answer more urgent posts first and then move on to the rest in date order but sometimes posts also get “hidden” when we are very busy. Sometimes, we may not be able to answer all the posts.
You are a grandfather so you could also post on our friends and family forum as well. The advantage is that you would get the views from friend and family carers.

I can see that there are care proceedings in respect of your grandchildren which appears to be due to the risk of domestic violence The final hearing is soon.
At the end of the proceedings, the court will be deciding where your grandchildren will be living. The parents have priority. But if they cannot provide safe parenting then the courts will look at friends and family carers. It sounds like dad's mum has been assessed as a foster carer. Has she been assessed to take the children long term, if they cannot return to your daughter or dad?
For the children to return to Mum, she would have to show that she has completed all the support that has been recommended and can keep herself and the children safe.

Here are FAQ’s about domestic violence .

Your question is whether you can challenge the negative assessment of you which prevents you from supervising contact between your grandchildren and your daughter. As children services has already risk assessed other family members to supervise your daughters contact, they are unlikely to re- assess you at this late stage because they do not need to.

But you should address the negatives that have been raised about you, as I think this assessment might affect your contact with the children, if they do not return home.

When children are in care (interim care order or full care order) or are accommodated, children services must promote contact between extended family and children unless it is contrary to the children’s welfare.
In writing (email or letter to the court), you should ask that your contact with the children is considered by the court.
Here is our Contact with children in care. It sets out research and government guidance that you could refer to.

In the email, set out the many positive things about your family. You say how happy the family have been and how you have been very supportive. You have a large family and you seem to get on well. Describe the types of thing you do have done with your grandchildren such as take them to the park and read to them etc.
But you should also address the negatives that have been raised. First, the social worker doesn’t think you can protect your grandchildren from the effects of domestic violence and that you will put your daughter wishes before your grandchildren's' safety. The incident you describe when dad tried to strangle you was very serious.

I agree with the social worker that if the children were to witness anything like this, there would be a chance they would have suffered trauma or even get caught in the cross fire and suffer a physical injury or worse.

Can you learn about the effects of domestic violence on children’s health and development?
Respect have a helpline and there is information on Women’s aid website. You could let the social worker that you intend to do this to keep your grandchildren safe.

Here is our Care (and related) proceedings It details the different hearings that take place. I hope this advice and the advice sheets are helpful to you.

If you need further advice you could post back, get in touch with a solicitor or call our advice line on 0808 801 0366.

Best wishes,


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Re: Prejudice Social Worker ++

Post by Normal Grandad » Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:36 pm

Thank you for replying. I don't feel that my words have been considered properly to be honest.

Regardless of that here is an update:
*I reported the social worker to the police, went for an interview, but only managed to get the original case number...
*I presented this official police evidence to the Court Guardian, PROVING that I did report the perpetrator, and _can_ be trusted.
*My daughter has just given birth and already the same social worker (now manager) is intending to take away my newest grandchild from my daughter.
*There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER for this.
*My daughter has proposed to do anything whatsoever throughout, be it going in to a mother and baby unit, and already will be living seperate from anyone else.

The court guardian doesn't appear to be doing anything about my request for the social worker to be interviewed. Again today I have attempted to contact the CG, leaving a message for them to contact us. My daughter also left a message.
My daughter's solicitor says there is no way they can do this, but still we are left feeling terrorised by this horrible SW. She seriously has it in for us and we can't understand what we ever did wrong when we have only given our best intentions throughout.

Why is this still happening? And now they have pushed back the long court appearance another 3 months! We are going through absolute terror here it is causing continous stress and problems.
Nobody is helping, what is the system playing at?

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Re: Prejudice Social Worker ++

Post by Normal Grandad » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:57 pm

There must be like 1000 unique visitors to this post. Anyone looking for advice, good luck.

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Re: Prejudice Social Worker ++

Post by Normal Grandad » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:39 pm

Can someone please tell me where to appeal against the corrupt social worker?

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