Breach of GDPR by *Police* & *CS*

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Breach of GDPR by *Police* & *CS*

Post by DFC558 » Tue May 11, 2021 11:58 am

Before my son was born, 12.5yrs ago, talking in general to a midwife at one of my appts (as l came fm a abusive home of mental & physical abuse by my mother), but this was taken out of context, report to *CS* that l was going you kill my baby, as l didn't want to be pregnant. My son was placed on a s.47 At Risk register, but l was never told.
I was told the day l had him, by the then Operations Manager stopped this fm happening.
From this day forth, due to having PTSD from a rape with implement and being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (now treatable), before l had my son, *CS* have shared false, fabricated info with ** Police and vice versa. I've never driven, but already l've got fixed penalty notices, been in police custody for abusing my son, but l've got no criminal record and there's "intelligence" on me being, 'a danger to police.'
Over 6yrs of when my son & myself were being racially abused, me being punched in the face, spat on by 3 women and l reported these incidents to ** Police. There isn't any police logs for none of these incidents. My son was witnessing this fm nursery sch to primary sch and not 1 Gov'ment body l contacted did anything fm, Early Yrs, Safeguarding, Ofsted, Police *CS* or MP for Children's Servs, B*****d J********
I've sent a complaint to the Local Gov'ment & Social Care Ombudsman recently about the handling of my son who went to the police stnt to vent his frustrations, as he's now been diagnosed with autism and tells lies. To find out, there was a disclosure by my son on this day. Yet l had to answer under caution for an allegation made up by police, never questioned on this disclosure or at the Child Protection Conference that was also held, disclosure never mentioned, but recently it's shown up in reports by *** to the LGO. I've also got multiples personalities, borderline bipolar, depression and paranoid Schizophrenic amongst other mental hlth shared between *CS*, ** Police and my son's sch's, now at mainstream and any other agency they feel fit to share these lies with.
I won't engage with Family Support for justified reasons, when a teacher caused significant bruising to my son, the sch got away with it and Family Servs were involved and told my son to just get over it.
I've had need to contact *CS* for support/help as my son's behaviour gets more challenging and sometimes violent, but the reports they're recording and sharing on me and my son are false.

I want this to STOP, as this is greatly impacting on our quality of life we can't take for granted like most ppl/families. Yes, l'm black and got desperate that when l contacted *CS* in 2019, l was prepared to say l'd hit my son just to get some help/support, but l've never touched my son, but on the PNC l have, it's all lies.
Another eg: Showing signs of mental instability in front of a minor, 2 ** Police offrs reported to *CS*, when my son was at his registered childminder's, but *CS* still held a CPC, yet there's significant proof my son was at his childminder's.
This is how ** Police and *CS* abuse their powers and wonder how some families cope, survive or manage.
My son has only got me, as family isn't local and a trusted childminder he goes to on a Sat so l can have abit of respite, which l pay for.
But isn't this a breach of our civil rights and discrimination. The bigotry, ignorance, prejudice, intolerance is real and rife and l'm living this nightmare, but so is my son and it's not fair.

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Re: Breach of GDPR by *Police* & *CS*

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon May 17, 2021 1:03 pm

Dear DFC558,

Welcome to the Parent’s Forum. I am Suzie one of FRG’s online advisers.
I am sorry to hear about the abuse you experienced as a child and as the racist abuse you and your son continue to suffer.

You are also experiencing difficulties with the police and children services. I can see that the police may have discriminated against you. I cannot advise you about the police conduct as this is not in the remit of Family Rights Group. However, here is some useful information from Liberty about complaints against the police that you might find helpful.

But the police reports are impacting on you and your son, as they have been forwarded to children services who are then sharing these with other professionals including the Local Government Ombudsman. The Human Rights Act 1998 says children services must follow due process and ensure yours and your son’s human rights (such as a right to family life) are protected and so follow the correct procedures when they are working with you.
If children services had suspected your son was at risk of suffering significant harm, they can share information such as the police reports with other professionals but this must be lawful. Please see government guidance for professionals about sharing information advice about sharing files.
They must also make reasonable adjustments to help a parent who has health problems such as mental health condition. Here is some information on our website.

Have you got an advocate to help you deal with children services? If not, here is a template letter 1 to help you ask for an advocate. An advocate could help you with your complaint to the LGO.

I can see that you have needed to get support from children services for your son. You are understandably concerned about them sharing the false reports with other professionals. Until the false reports have been corrected, children services will assume the police reports may be correct. I suggest you let them know which reports you do not agree with and that you propose to challenge them with the police.
However, children services will have to take into account any police reports when they are making decisions. This is because they will assume they are correct until they are told otherwise by the police-if your complaint is successful.

Your son has an autism diagnosis. You may be able to get respite or short break carers paid for by the local authority instead of paying yourself. He could still go to the same child minders. There may also be clubs that he could attend. Check the “Local Offer” for children with disabilities that you should find on your local authority website which should also tell you about how toa sk for an assessment for support.
Here is information about support for children with disabilities.

You could also get in touch with Contact who advise about support for children with disabilities.

I hope my advice helps. If you need further advice or if I have missed something out, then please post again. You could also call our advice line on 0808 801 0366 for in-depth advice.
Best wishes,

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